Game Notes: A look at Week 7

TORONTO — Week 7 kicks off on Friday night as the Calgary Stampeders pay a visit to Hamilton to take on the Tiger-Cats at Tim Hortons Field.

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It's too early to crown a team as Grey Cup favorites. Even though my Bombers are looking good, they haven't faced BC, or Mtl yet. They struggled against TOR, even in their win against Cgy, they looked beatable. But those Stats that they lead the league in, are hard to argue. If they hold onto top spot in the West, whoever has to come into town better be prepared for a cold, frigid day at IG field...


Agree, how many games have Winnipeg in past years been so close, only to have it all come tumbling down, 2019 after a great start, mid season shat hit the fan. Bombers all but done two damaged QB's with no hope, pinball Clemson becomes GM in Toronto, makes a last (literally) minute trade with Zach Collaros. A fairy tail ending. It can happen to any team in 2021, good luck to all. I'm still a homer Go Bombers Go

Last 3 seasons - 2017 Elks start 7-0, finish 12-6, Calgary starts 13-1-1, lose last 3 & Grey Cup.
2018 Riders start 4-4, then go 9-2. Stamps start 3-4, then go 7-1.
2019 Riders start 1-3, then go 9-1. Elks start 6-3, finish 8-10. Bombers went 2-4 last 3rd. Hamilton 6-0 going into playoffs & beat Bombers twice, 13-3 @ IGF in week 16.
Recent history shows streaks happen - a lot. A long way to go. But with Elks minus Harris, if he goes 6 games, & playing Bombers 3 times in that stretch, Bombers could be in for a good run. Can't see Elks winning much the next while.

Oops. Beat Bombers 33-13 @ IGF, not 13-3. Typo.

Although the Winnipeg Blue Bombers sit on top of the West division, with an impressive 5-1 record. I see the following teams contending for first place. The Stamps-Lions and Elks. Due to the injury to Trevor Harris, that eliminates the Elks from finishing in FIRST ! The Elks must defeat the Bombers in Week 7 to keep their playoffs hopes alive. May the best team win. :face_with_monocle: :tophat: :three: :diamonds: :wc:

Too early in the season to eliminate anyone, so far the Elks haven't lost a game without Harris.
No one predicted the Harris injury, what happens if Reilly gets injured? or Collaros goes down? things can change fast

The Grey Cup door is still open to all teams, that includes Ottawa. A new QB, RB SB or WR.... or two and you have a new outlook, three skilled plus some lucky games and you get to plan a parade.