Game Notes: A look at Week 3

TORONTO — Week 3 kicks off on Thursday night as another slate of CFL games are on the horizon.

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Bomber stats are getting more and more out of whack with reality as I know it.

Here's another one: Zack Collaros has a win loss of 19-2 as a starter with the Bombers... and ONE of those two losses was in a meaningless game at the end of last season that saw him leave the field with a lead and hand the reigns to our backups.

We are getting SOOOO spoiled here in Bomberland.

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I do have a question about Zach Collaros being 1-2 career-wise against Hamilton. Is that only regular season games? Because he started both Grey Cup games for us and we won both of them. So wouldn’t that make him 3-2 against Hamilton in his career? Might want clarify that.

Even the regular season record doesn’t sound right. Collaros and the Argos beat the Cats in the last game of the 2012 season. Next year Hamilton beat Toronto when Collaros was subbing in for Ricky Ray. We wouldn’t have faced Collaros again until possibly 2018 but he may have been injured then with Saskatchewan. Simoni knocked him out early in the 2019 opener, so last regular season game against him was the 2021 season opener which Winnipeg won. So I think he’s closer to 4-1 against Hamilton including playoffs. Have to look up 2018 to see if he was in the lineup for the Riders- Cats games

Actually Hamilton only faced Brandon Bridge and David Watford in a couple early games that season.