Game Notes: A look at Week 17

TORONTO — The weather may be getting cooler, but things are only heating up across the country.

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A quick glance at the records of the opponents to be played by East and West teams underscores the East favoured bias in the current schedule and playoff format.

just saw this - looks like Nate Behar went on six-game injury list and will miss the game against the Lions. yet another blow to the redblacks. that’s one key receiver for each team (Lions’ Burnham has fractured wrist).

I don't see that

Look at the winning percentages of the teams the East faces vs the teams the West faces. That is a microcosm of the quality of opponent all year. I don’t know if there is information for the toughness of schedule for teams in the CFL, but the naked eye can see that the East teams have a much easier go of it. I know the NFL has these stats and their schedule is set in part on the toughness of opponent. The CFL schedule is set mostly based on geography.

"Yet another blow to the Redblacks"? Not that I wanna be a jerk or anything, but wouldn't it be best if they lose every game by 50 points from now until the end of the regular season? IMHO the WORST thing that could happen is if LaPo's sad collection of crap does just enough to give the deep thinkers in Ottawa the WRONG idea that they can stand pat going into next year.

Like the infomercial says... EVERYTHING'S GOTTA GO!!!

Not quite everything.

IMHO the Redblacks have one of the best football coaches in the CFL with Mike Benevides on the sideline. Give him the chair at the front of the table in the coaches room, and the office that states Head Coach on the door, or some other team will.

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Lions tried that and even his old buddy Wally had to let Mike go.

Yes he did. Wally fired Benevides who had a winning record. I never heard or read any explanation as to why. I had to guess it was only because Wally wanted to return to being the head coach.

Well if the west is so much better, we have already given them a cross over, when that happens it means 4 of 5 Western teams make playoffs. Changing from a East West format is almost as dumb as talk of 4 downs

No. Toronto shouldn’t be gifted the right to host a Grey Cup play in game because they didn’t earn it, even with an easier schedule. Now that is dumb. I’m not sure you are understanding the obvious geographical bias.

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Sorry for the late reply. Benevides was given the head job by Wally when he only wanted the GM job. Benny did good most of the time but started loosing more games as the years went on so Wally let him go (quite sure the owner had something to say). After Mike was let go Wally brought in Tilman from US College ball for a two year contract but he left after the first year was over so Wally had to take back over. Then Wally found a new GM in Ed Hervy. That was when Wally pulled the plug and retired. Ed hired Claybrooks from Calgary and that continued the dark ages. This was the last time Benny head the head coaching job and it sounds like Ottawa didn’t give him the job in Ottawa. That is all I know.

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