Game Notes: A look at Week 11

TORONTO — After an excellent Week 10 in the CFL, fans should be excited for Week 11’s matchups.

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The Alouette victory over Winnipeg was was a surprise given the circumstances but not shocking since Als defense was amazing in pressuring Collaros constantly. Look for Montreal to go on a run as long as Trevor Harris protects the ball better than he did in the 4th quarter of the Bombers/Als previous game.

Ottawa offense was a disaster against Calgary and will win against Edmonton if the offense plays half decent. Caleb Evans, this is the time you have to shine.

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We need better officiating in our games. So many random bad calls are made each game and can affect the outcome. How about calling only blatant infractions and not guessing if it is a penalty. Roughing the quarterback is also a bad call most of the time. When a line commits to a tackle and the quarterback has just let the ball go, he cannot stop the momentum and a normal tackle is not roughing the passer. Very frustrating and annoying watching terrible impulse decisions. Even the commentators supporting the refs question those calls, (just to be polite) when they are awful and penalize a great defensive charge.