Game Notes: A look at Week 10

TORONTO β€” Week 10 is on the horizon and CFL fans should be excited for the week of football in front of them.

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Interesting stats. Here's a couple from the Twilight Zone:

  • The Stampeders are in search home victory no. 400.
  • Winnipeg will play for its 400th home victory.

Did I read that correctly? Those two amazing objectives just happen to be happening AT THE SAME TIME? In a 9 team league?! That sort of coincidence rarely happens in a 32 team league (in case you're wondering I'm referring to the NFL).

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If says it's so it must be. We know they always triple check their facts & proofread everything. :no_mouth:

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It's all rock solid stuff. I hear they have to chisel their numbers off a slab of marble. Huh. All this time I took those stats for granite.

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Can’t help but think the stamps winning this one would be a surprise
But let’s go stamps :sunglasses: