Game Notes: A look at Labour Day Weekend

TORONTO — One of the most anticipated weekends on the CFL schedule is right around the corner as OK Tire Labour Day Weekend gets underway on Friday night.

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Interesting notes. Kinda scary for the Bombers up until now.

We're going into Saskatchewan knowing that they've won most of these Labour Day Classics regardless of how many times we've had the better overall record. Somehow they rise to the occasion and kick our butts time and time again.

Fortunately we now have Zack Collaros representing us in these games which changes everything. While the Bombers have lost 14 out of the last 16 meetings, Zack is a perfect 5-0 in the LDC: 3-0 for Hamilton, 1-0 for Saskatchewan and 1-0 for Winnipeg.

That 1-0 against the Bombers while he was in Saskatchewan stat just kills me. No matter which team he's on he owns the Labour Day Classic.

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Wasn’t that the game where Willie Jefferson scored a pick 6 against us? Brrrr shudder.

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Oooo. I felt a chill as well.

Now BOTH of those guys are on our side doing the same thing to the team they left. All that's missing is the lightning flash...

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And the maniacal laugh.

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Ti-Cats For The Win

Not likely... so naturally it'll happen.

It's Labour Day!!!

I hadn’t realized that the Bombers set a CFL record last week for 2nd down conversion percentage, going 16 for 20.

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Me neither. I was totally surprised.

Now as an added bonus I can be even more annoying at trivial pursuit. :partying_face:

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Worse yet. Jefferson got his pick six in the BANJO BOWL that year. I remember how much I hated him then.

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He was a wrecking ball that destroyed order and brought chaos to all who opposed him... but now he's OUR wrecking ball so it's all good. :partying_face: