Game Notes: A look at CFL Kickoff

TORONTO — It’s CFL Kickoff week as the CFL officially returns with four exciting matchups on the schedule.

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There will be an abysmal crowd in Calgary
There are many factors at play here including
The price of living
An outdated stadium
Not allowing unvaccinated into games during the scam and those people are not coming back
Charging insane prices at the concession
But don’t overlook the major issue
From day 1 they cut advertising and marketing and many great people lost their jobs
As a life long stamps fan it’s frustrating to watch

Hamilton Tiger Cats by 10 pts!!

You list six complaints that I believe have merit, but as a person who lost a grandmother to Spanish flu and a cousin and at least one old friend to covid your complaints about vaccination requirements come across as just plain selfish.


not getting into this nonsense vaccine debate–i have friends who died from that shot and covid itself-----just a horrible time in canadian history—and our response to that!–anway get this league going again–lets have a fun summer–peladeau is great for ownership–deep pockets maybe he ll by the league-expand-lol—halifax saskatoon and quebec city sholud have clubs!