Rap, hip-hop - I thought that was what gophers did on the prairie during the summer months. Geez, even old gophers do it.
Peace touchdown69!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Better music by whose standard? No matter what you play, some age group is not going to like it, and I really dont think you are going to bring in more of the younger fans just because they play 8 seconds of hip hop every now and then

Yea, and I think the CFL’s focus has always wanted to be on the games too. A lot of times people watching the NFL just watch it because they heard somewhere in life, or watched so many sitcoms of Super Bowl parties, or i don’t know how it started here in Canada, but I refuse to attend Super Bowl parties my friends have now LOL.

I think it wouldn’t be a bad idea tho anyways, get more of a party atmosphere going for the games like the block parties at BC Place and stuff like that. I know a few times outside of BC Place before games there were some local rap artists, if i remember correctly. But maybe it was just that one time. Catering to all audiences isn’t a bad idea tho, and if the NFL wants to play that game, we can play it too. I’m sure another cell phone company would love to play Canadian favourite right now and maybe team up with Blockbuster Video, Shaw Cable, and Bell? They’d get major kudos for that. Rogers would sink so fast after a few years.

Its not entirely accurate tho, because most rock fans dont' give a crap about radio anymore, and i believe thats what the hot 100 is.

The billboard top 200 is the main one, as its for record sales. Right now Mamma Mia! is the number one album, a few country albums, a few rock albums, a couple hip hop.

Here's the official numbers from RIAA

Rock has continually gone up in the last 6 years in total sales after a major low in about 2002. ANd a high of almost 50 percent in the late 80's. While Hip-hop/rap sales (which are included together) have gone continually down. And as of last year its at 10.8 percent the lowest its been since 1999, with a peak of 13.8 by 2002. Rock on the other hand hit a huge low 23.9 percent in 2004, while going up and down the next year it jumped to 31.5 percent the next year in 2005 while rap and hip hop were at 13.5 percent (its second highest sales in the last 10 years) Rock hit a 10 year high of 34 percent in 2006 and down to 32.4 percent in 2007 with rap and hip hop at 10.8 as i said the lowest in 10 years.

[url=] ... EDCE0F.pdf[/url]

If you through in R&B and Urban which includes Blues, R&B, Dance, Disco, Funk, Fusion, Motown, Raggae, and Soul their numbers peaked in 1999 with 12 percent (and thats a lot of genres put in there) 11.8 percent last year. So even R&B/Urban and all those other genres included in R&B/Urban sales put together with rap are still 10 percent lower than Rock Sales for last year. And to include Pop in those sales, would just barely equal Rock, or maybe just pass it barely. So with like R&b/Urban which includes the above genres that are not listened to by most young people, Rap, and Pop for last year is 33.3 percent, which would be .9 percent more than Rock alone. Thats many genres put together to make up Rock, alone they are tripled by Rock.

If i could find the ones from the 80's Rock was up in the 40 percent regions. It dropped to an all-time low and is now back up as high as it was in the early 90's with Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins days.

[url=] ... C741BF.pdf[/url]

So as you can see Rock is by far the leader and it has never changed since the early 80's. It got too its lowest point 2002 but its back and as strong as it was throughout most of the 90's back into the 30 percent range for the last 3 years.

You'll find a lot of these singles for a lot of these groups are the teenage girls that get daddy's credit card and rush out and buy it all in one day, then you see it drop like a led ball in water.

Rock is stronger than its been in the last 10 years. Again proving that muchmusic is really little music, and turned from caring about music into influencing what people think is popular when really Rock is more popular. The reason why they do this is merchandising, and because it doesn't sell as well as rock the record companies will pay more to muchmusic for them to play something they are heavily promoted. MTV and Muchmusic are quite frankly not up with the times, and haven't been since the early 90's. I'm not saying don't play other music, but making Rock seem like its dead for the last 10 years was a joke cuz it was still outselling all those other genres.

And from a 24 year old, hey hey, my my, rock and roll will never die, its better to burn out, then to fade away...

I used to show these stats to people back in grade 8 when i was able to get the ones that go back to the early 80's up until that point. So i just laugh at the fact that people think Rock is dead or out of date. Its only those dolled up clubstars that think so cuz they watch the Muchmusic countdown like it actually means something.

This is from the muchmusic site, as you can see its really not about popularity entirely and is decided by muchmusic themselves

"Q. How does Much decide what videos get onto the MuchMusic Countdown?
A. The Countdown is decided by our music committee. They look at many factors including how the song is doing on other charts, album sales, popularity and quality of the video."

Its been a joke since the early 90's when i was like 9/10 years old and watched it changed into something I just couldn't watch anymore by the time i was 12. Same thing goes for MTV. All these stars get all this publicity and publicity will get ratings, espescially in the US, and espescially when aired in Canada.

I agree with you that the Argos have too many gimmicks/distractions. It's actually pretty ridiculous. What makes it worse is that it means that the in-stadium fans don't get to see the replay. I actually think Hamilton has a better balance of game vs gimmicks.

exactly, i wanna see more replays, show more stats, show injury reports, but instead the argos always focus on these gimmicks, and most of the fans dont even understand what is going on. They can still keep the in-game promotions, but balance it off better.

I hope you were joking and not stereotyping

Go to Sportsnet and check out the NHL forum, I swear that the same topics come up practically weekly like most forums.

Looks like the Argos are out of town during this event

Maybe next year.

Yea it would be nice, even tho urban rap hip hop r and b all put together don't sell as much as rock, I don't even know if you read my post above there. I do agree tho, doesn't mean their isn't an audience for other genres and it would be good to have different types of artists at the events catering to all different types of fans.

But the whole y'know, NFL/NBA we're cool cuz we play rap thing is just a big joke as you see by the music sales that Rock was at its lowest point since disco in 2002 and was still #1 unlike in the disco period, and now has surged back to where it was back in the days of Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Guns 'n Roses, Smashing Pumkins, Stone Temple Pilots early 90's stuff.

Again tho, doesn't mean people dont listen to other music, and other music would be nice for people who don't all share in the biggest music genre like rock, just like I don't share on what muchmusic promotes as the most popular when being payed off by record companies is their biggest influence on what they play.

Thanks for clearing that up.