you guys are boring as hell, the same old bs, day in, day out, i could come here 6 months from now and we will have the same old debates and useless discussions

-new team in atlantic canada, it aint happening folks, get over it, there aint no money coming in, stop talking about the mccain family, they only care making french fries, stop talking about new stadiums, stop talking abotu expanding st.marys stadium, that place is a dump, no more atlantic canada uniform threads, last time i checked you need a team before a uniform, and aint no team is heading down there.

bmo field expansion - it aint happening either, mlse has their waiting list, and the supply is lower than the demand, they have their demand and can control the ticket price like how they for raptors and leafs, mlse is gonna keep it at 20,000, the last thing mlse is thinking about is cfl and argonauts, they care more about money, making condos, making shopping malls, and flaunting their cash around toronto, these guys are ballers and just wanna pose.

if the cfl wants a younger fan base, they need to promote more hip-hop music, and cater to more urban fans, i went to the grey cup festival in toronto last year, and all i saw was a bunch of boring rock acts, too many old people, and not enough sizzle, cfl fans keep talking about keeping the nfl out, well why not try to cater to more younger fans, there is too much boring rock music in cfl entertainment, the majority of the import players are afro-american and they would prefer more hip-hop as well, last time i checked, import players aint gonna get hyped up off rush or kim mitchell or nickleback.

im done, peace.

If you want more diverse topics , why not create them yourself? I, for one am curious as to what you think is a different topic. There are plenty of football topics, but you only choose to read the threads you mentioned above.

There is only one way to find out if we would still be talking about the same topics in 6 months. Give it a try.

I have a new topic for you touchdown69: go tell your mother she needs you. Is that "new topic" enough for ya?

... by the way, the CFL gave hip-hop a shot: you probably aren't old enough to remember the 2005 Grey Cup, but back in those days they had the Black-Eyed Peas for halftime entertainment. I'm not lying about that; just ask any of the 60,000 people who were in Vancouver for the Edm/Mtl overtime thriller. Hip-hop ... geez...

TD69, we actually have discussed the hip hop culture issue and how it permeates the mainstream. Who knows..perhaps the CFL will start a new division, run their own label and sign some promising artists. Stick around and contribute. There are more topics of interest than you think.

the black eyed peas aint even close to hip-hop, they are just a mxiture of a bunch of genres, and don't really reflect hip hop culture, these guys care more about being celebrities than actual music, and bringing in the black eyed peas, is not an example of the cfl really bringing in new fans.

posters like gangtackle , are what ruins the cfl, when people bring in new ideas and a fresh focus, this guys resorts to trying to downgrade others, im keeping it real, if you dont like it, its cool, but chill with all the bs.

Hahaha "keeping it real".

Yes, that's the answer to all the league's troubles... more hip hop fans!

Remember the "this is our league" video? We oughtta switch the soundtrack to some 50 cent and have lots of hos gyrating on cars.

TD69, I think it's time you moved along. Go watch BET and plan your latest rap album release party.

You find the site boring.
You prefer NFL and MLS.
Why are you wasting your time posting on the forum of a league
you could care less for?

Now Now, the man deserves consideration... Certainly the NFL has a harder look to it, I'm kind of tired of the Rona ads, and that Robot that jumps in the corner of the FOX games is cool.
I think the thing is , the powers that be would enjoy some of that happening but the expense to benefit ratio is just out of whack for the league. Having R. Kelly do a CFL theme would get attention but who's got the money? And if you go there, you HAVE to keep it up. Maybe instead of the Warrior of the game they could name the give out a Glock handgun or something?

Even in the United Stats the number one genre (besides world music) is Rock, thats never changed. Look it up for yourself

I'm 24, i've been a classic rock fan since i was 14, most kids watch too much muchmusic. I was lucky to be old enough to see when they stopped giving a crap about me, and saw how much more money they can make off teenage girls who are materialistic and all of a sudden Guns N Roses and Metallica, and some of all genres, turned into all Club music and boy bands with TV shows instead of videos.

Obviously you can't have a lot of rap at a family event because of the swearing, so there goes a lot of those Afro-Americans music, guys like 3-6, Too Short, and i'm missing one of the biggest ones, a lot of them aren't around anymore either like Notorious, 2pac, underground Outkast which became pop/hip hop.

They had black eyed peas at BC place for the grey cup half time show. It all depends on the city. I enjoyed when i was 16 seeing the Guess Who even tho they weren't playing the instruments at the 2000 grey cup then Lenny Kravitz or other artists. Again tho I love classic rock. People would tell me in school how much more popular rap is just because they watch muchmusic then i brought in the sales charts for music and shut them up and it still hasn't changed rock is still #1.

I don't know, maybe some hip hop artists would be good tho, i'm not disagreeing, but i think most people like Rock music. All I think rap did was make beats into rebellion against what their parents liked which was also a rebellion to society that did way more than just not care for anybody but actually made changes in the world, but now its like shoot everybody and fuck a duck to a cool beat. And they only really care about the subs pumpin and the spinners and all this stuff.

It would be good to include more genres too, i know a lot of people that like all. I really only like rock, i did like some rap for a bit, but only stuff like Eazy E, NWA, Three Six Mafia, stuff like that, but now i'm not into it anymore, cuz its the same thing. Its fun for rebellion and stuff, but most of the big hits are just Muchmusic things that would bring the girls out, so its not entirely a bad idea. But Rock is still king, and was started by Afro-Americans anyways, Chuck Berry, and still the number one considered guitarist of all time is Jimi Hendrix, why more afro-americans don't come back to Rock which is really their sound, is beyond me.

I personally would prefer classical Chinese at halftime; pipa, erhu, and yang qin.

Even in the United Stats the number one genre (besides world music) is Rock, thats never changed. Look it up for yourself [url=][/url]
I could be looking in the wrong place but if you look at the Billboard charts week in and week out you'll see that urban music is the most popular. [url=] ... rd+Hot+100[/url]

I'm surprised no one on here has pointed out to TD69 that the product is what most CFL fans like about the league. I realize that in the NFL hype and glitz are #1, but in the CFL, the product is #1.

The topics on these threads are as broad as I have seen on any sports boards so I'm not sure what the boring, same old, same old comment is about.

Also, it seems interest is on the rise among key demographics ... 1-sun.html

I don't disagree with touchdown69. Definitely rap and hip hop need to be integrated better into the CFL. As a BC Lions fan, I expect to hear more popular hip hop music at games and I'm stuck with the same old crap game in, game out.

The CFL could definitely stand to be hipper and more with the times, that's for sure.

The world is heading for a banana crisis but new hybrids promise hope that we will still have this fruit in 10 years. :) [url=] ... ntos.shtml[/url]

I think TD69 is secretly J-Roc, here promoting his new album "Know What I'm Sayin'?"

Anyone remember Junior Ayou (sorry about the spelling) doing the fire dance? that WAS family entertainment!!!

ok well i can tell the poster that created this thread was really just bored at the time.

i never said that rock music should be canned, but at least play some better music at games, and the argos better make sure they dont play steelback beer bs ever again, its that type of bs that ruins the game for fans, also many of the gimmick promos during timeouts need to go, people come to see the game, not some overweight guy running around the field blind folded and ramming himself into a sign.