down again?

Obviously it still works somewhat ....but the front page says error AGAIN.... Come on get it together.

Kind of slow tonight they must be changing something.

That'd be my guest, more website changes.

Hopefully they are updating their site and adding more content...(or perhaps Ted Rogers bought their web provider?) :lol:

I'm glad it's just not Shaw..... I thought maybe if you had Telus or Rodgers that it would work beter..... Well maybe not Rodgers....
P.S. Can we even get Bell in BC?????

gotta be an update

not only is it down every second time i try to login but when it is available it crawls. Simply changing the news stories on the homepage seems to cause freezing.

oh and it just took 30 seconds of spinning wheel between pressing 'submit' and this actually posting. impressive as always

They must have figured out a way to make the site even less user-friendly, and simply couldn't wait to make the change.

Also having a bit of a problem with the news ticker/slideshow

It seems that there are updates every week or so; not acceptable, particularly at this time of the year, Transactions are still "locked" at May 23,2008.

Let's hope that it will be corrected/improved soon; getting worse not better.


Unfortunately we have been having troubles with the new architecture that the site runs on. We are in the process of sorting things out (keep in mind, this is pre-season and there are always little glitches).

If you'll notice, the site now loads up pretty quickly, we are still working on the last few little things, but we should have everything stable very shortly.


Fixed now. Thanks

but please, could you guys take a look at this problem as well? ... ic&t=26251