CFL Broadcasts

I cannot believe that none of the pre-season games are being broadcast! What the hell is the matter with the CFL?? What were they thinking when they allowed TSN NOT to broadcast the pre-season???

why can BROADBAND show OLD reg.season games from '06( riders after riders over and over ), yet cant show these non-televised pre-season games???

they obviously have cameras working these games, why not put them to good use?

I think it has been a long time since preseason was broadcast??

'05 halifax TD atlantic.

I missed that one. I expect it must have been an exception. I vaguely think I remember seeing pre season games in the 60's or 70's but....???

...the atlantic game was a special circumstance DG, meant to heighten excitement about the possibility of the maritimes getting a team...I can't remember PS games ever being televised...

Other than the 05 Atlantic game, I dont remember a preseason game ever having being televised

I totally agree with that. I had written a thread just like this a few weeks ago. I would love to see how teams are doing. Kinda of see what to expect. You can't really tell that by highlights and radio broadcasts. :cry:

i know that, but it was the correct answer to his question.

I was sure last year's pre-season were televised...I remember watching the games where Boden played, and watching his TD's, and he didn't play regular season AFAIK...though this year may be different for him.

TSN should televise at least two preseason games per week, one from the east and the other from the west.
With CFL averaging nearly 500,000 viewers when combining TSN, RDS and CBC, surely with the CFL rabid fans, we would get a minimum one half of the audience which would be as many as this years Blue Jays, way more then the NBA and MLS which are averaging not even 100,000 viewers.
I would like to have someone from TSN comment about this.

i wouldnt want pre-season games televised...they are terrible quality, and idiot nfl fans would watch and say 'see, i knew cfl sucked' not realizing its preseason.

it mis-represents the CFL....but it should be available to those of us who venture onto

I agree drummer. Even the first couple games of the season can be pretty shaky, with lots of dropped passes and the like.

I remember watching the first game of the season a couple of years go with some of my American friends and it was pretty embarrassing. Guys looked really tentative and there were dropped passes all over the place. My friends' comments were not very complimentary even though they knew if was the first game of the season. Fortunately, by game five or six they looked liked different teams.

We were watching an early NFL game later on they same thing happpened. I flung it back in their faces about how all that high priced talent can't catch the ball. :lol:

I disagree, we can never get enough CFL, even if it is a pre season and somewhat slower pace type game.
It's sure better then the recently finished NHL boring playoffs. What about the crappy NBA and the sleeping type baseball games.

:thup: You've got my vote AT.

I'm starting to warm to the idea of a third preseason game in a neutral site and the possibility of TSN showing one or two.
Places like Victoria, Saskatoon, Windsor, London, QC, Moncton and Halifax with temporary seating added.
Touchdown Atlantic was a hit IMO. Over to you MR. Cohon.

Its all dollars. Sponsors probably wouldn't step up. Even in a hockey crazy country like Canada, NHL Pre-season are not on "Hockey Night in Canada".

ah yes, but with hockey, there is so many games it doesnt matter.

Agreed DB, most of us have been calling for that for quite a long time.
What better way to showcase the game and players to new places, people and at the same time check out perspective new franchise possibilities.

Our local cable station will be carrying our home pre-season game on the 22nd, but did not carry the game from Winnipeg. You want to talk about terrible quality...the announcers know less about the CFL than Walby the best of times they can't name half the players, so in the preseason it's just that much worse...and they keep showing their friends and relatives in the stands. Imagine how annoying it is when after a play has finished they show the crowd and say "That's my next door neighbour in the third row" or "That guy was my third grade math teacher."

Fortunately, I won't be watching the game on TV. :slight_smile:

Maybe there could be some arrangement made between the cable stations in all the CFL cities, where each televises their home game and allows some sort of linkup with the home station of the visiting team. That way people in Winnipeg wouldn't have to come to Hamilton to watch their Bombers play the Ticats in a meaningless game. And US fans wouldn't have access to it, so we wouldn't have to worry about how second-rate the broadcast is.

I'm sure there are all sorts of reasons why this can't be done...I'm just thinking aloud, really.