CFL Broadcast of Lions-Bomber game

Matt Dunigan

Just want to say how much more I enjoyed TSN's CFL broadcast with Matt Dunigan as the colour man, more Dunigan please! :thup:

......Yeah i particularly enjoyed the 'big burp' in the background...(miller or dunigan. how come no excuse me :lol: ) AND the continual miss-reference on whose set of downs it was and the general miscues (more than once) on which team was actually on offence....I think Gord Miller was either drunk or his head was somewhere else...TSN...YOU CAN DO BETTER...That's my rant of the week :cowboy:

Didn't you hear Miller blame a player? He said they have a mic on one of the officials and it sometimes picks up players burping. I don't know if I believe him or not but he did say it wasn't him that burped.

...I didn't quite hear the explanation blue blood...but if that were the case, you'd think they'd have a ten second delay on what they were picking up from the bench :lol: ...It's not really a big-deal....just makes the broadcast team look a little shoddy...As far as the mix-up on which team had the ball and what down it was, i've seen and heard it done before...just not as often...I think Miller might have had a few 'millers' :lol:

I heard that burp! I was doing something else at the time and wasn't sure I heard right! :smiley:

i don't like dunnigan on colour.
he rambles on and makes up terms that make little sense. i often feel embarrased for him.
he needs to stick to the panel.

pair miller with forde and let them call 50% of the games!