CFL Broadband

Anybody know if the BC game is on across the country on broadband?

not me.

It should be , it was on TSN , they put their games on broadband . I haven't been able to find any CBC broadband games though.But you may have to wait a day or two sometimes for a TSN broadband game .

Tsn and cbc both have live broadband during the games. I have watched games live on both sites when there were blackouts and while I was waiting for my cable to be connected. Not a bad way to go if you have no other options, just don't listen to radio play by play and watch at the same time cause the broadband is usually at least a full play behind. On TSN you can watch the games after the fact as well. Just go to broadband, cfl, games and choose which one you want

The BC game was blacked out on TSN broadband.