CFL Broadband

Recently my father moved to Norway for a job. So for his birthday coming up I would like to buy him a CFL Broadband subscription so he can keep up on all the games. Especially the Bombers since before he left we were going to buy season tickets. Anyways How much does a subscription cost??


I think you can only buy single games for $3.95 each

The CFL doesn't care about you if you don't use Windows - you'd think Microsoft owns a CFL team or something - so you're OUT OF LUCK watching games if you use a Mac or Linux.

It's hard to understand how any marketing can ignore 30 million people, especially when there are cross-platform alternatives available.

In fact, it would even be OK if they really MUST use Windows media to stream their games IF they didn't use scripts that ONLY work with Windows. Lame lame lame. It's just about the ONLY thing I truly and completely HATE about the CFL.

/end rant