CFL Brand takes a big hit in 2006

This has not been a good year for the CFL. First the loss of the Ottawa franchise. Then a schedule that exposed the greed of a league trying to play 18 regular season games with only 8 teams. Every week seemed like an instant replay, and with time this familiarity resulted in boring, predictable football. That won’t change unless the league adds teams or shortens the schedule. The Ticats played the Argo’s six times this year counting pre-season. Yawn. What was once a hated rivalry has become nothing more than another boring game. Now the season ends with charges of racism in Saskatchewan and Toronto. And just to make sure the league is shown up. Pinball and the rest of the Argo ship basically accuse the league of playing favorites, while in the same breath saying that they consider the Arland Bruce incident to be closed. The league took a huge step back this year. For the first time in almost 40 years I chose not to watch any of the playoff games this year. Why bother? I’d seen these teams play so often already. As for the Grey Cup. Maybe I’ll tune in for Nelly, but the on field product is in serious decline, and not just in Hamilton. Better ways to spend 4 plus hours. Just my 2 cents.

Holy shiite novascotia, man, are you ever right or what! I didn't realize until I read your great post. I have to go out and cancel my seasons tickets. Must be all that cod you guys eat over there that makes you that smart to see "the light." Appreciate your take on the season, you are one intelligent dude I'll say. :lol:

Could be the Cod, or maybe it is the clean ocean air - either way, Maritime-kid has NAILED IT.

The next COMMISSIONER has a tall order ahead of him, to say the least. I hope the BoG's KNEW what they were doing when they TURFED Wright.

Here is the to do list, as I see it for the next commish:

-get rid of the new football

-implement a BALANCED schedule with ADDITIONAL Playoff games played. (to get the game count required.)

-ABOLISH Divisions.

-either VASTLY improve Instant Replay ... or abolish it. Improvement would begin with ADDITIONAL camera views, atleast.

-ABOLISH the Salary Cap ... institute a REVENUE SHARING formula ... get the Individual Owner's and Organizations WORKING more in CONCERT than in OPPOSITION ... what is good for One team is GOOD for ALL ...

-Re-Establish Touchdown Atlantic ... AND/OR have an added Exhibition game in Prospective CFL cities (ie. Windsor, London, Quebec, etc).

-get a HIGHER PROFILE on the University Campuses around the country ... I'm not talking marketing, I am talking in terms of ATHLETIC DEVELOPMENT ... RUN CFL Sponsored Camps ... get PRO COACHES on the University Fields to HELP DEVELOP the CANADIAN TALENT.

-of course, EXPANSION should always be on the list - but I may not be in a RUSH - perhaps don't expand until 10 teams is a REALITY ... (**even IF it means going back to Baltimore at the same time as Ottawa.)

I am sure there are other things on the to-do list but this should be enough to keep him busy for a while.


Explain to me then please how the NFL Brand never takes a hit ??

If thier not catching them with steroids or drugs their shooting someone or beating up a wife or girlfriend . Yet week after week the ratings are great and the players are treated like heroes .

And it`s not just in the pros, as college players are swarming players on the field or like the pros beating up a woman or girlfriend or trying to kill another player ahead of them on the depth chart .

Explain to me how our brand is hurting while thiers are not ?? what does this say about society ??

Nick Harper plays in Hamolton for a few seasons is a model citizen and alas as he makes the NFL,now he`s a wife beater ????

As for the Grey Cup. Maybe I'll tune in for Nelly
Nelly Furtado "jumped the cod" :thdn: has Dr., have you guys seen this dude lately?.....another Jerry Springer in the making..... :?

(not changing the topic......but still) wonder Morreale said his dream is to punch the guy out.....hahaha (or words to that effect)

I think this is a lot of OVER REACTION.

I think we can thank the HAMILTON TIGER CATS for most of those DULL games. They fielded an AMATEURISH team and really dragged the over all league quality down.

NSK-You missed a lot of EXCITING football by choosing to PASS on the playoffs.

The RACE comments were really just one not too BRIGHT guy sounding off after a DISSAPOINTING loss. An isolated incident!

I just hope they get the new COMMISSIONER WRIGHT. (Pun intended).

You make a lot of GOOD points MEANSTREAK, But I totally DISAGREE with any U.S. EXPANSION!!


ditto for double expansion.

talent pools take enough of a hit with one year of it. the nine team league wasn't bad, especially with a goal to add another.

Your too much habman?????

Hey Ruff. I respect your opinion. On the race issue, I will say that it wasn't one issue. In Sask. there has been all sorts of stuff directed towards Roy Shivers, suggesting that he is a racist. In any event, I'm not saying its the end of the world. But from a business persepective its difficult to suggest that this has been anything other than a tough year for the CFL brand. Hopefully next year things will pick up. I'm just not overly optimistic. I also think its appalling that Pinball addedd fuel to the fire suggesting that the Argos had been victims of biased officiating for a number of weeks. Its garbage, and coming from one of the leading spokepersons for the league, it sends a very negative image. As for next year, I'll wait to get a gander at the schedule. I do know one thing. I'll take the CFL of the 60's and 70's over today's game any day of the week. Cheers

I am ??? Do tell NWO !!!!

novascotiakid wrote:

I'll take the CFL of the 60's and 70's over today's game any day of the week

I'll take the NHL and NFL of the 60's and 70's over today's game any day of the week, both of these leagues have changed for the worst far more, not even close, than what the CFL may have done so.

They're is racism in every pro sports league and segment of society. Racism itself is a consequence of stupid and narrow thinking and the providence of the most simple minded members of society. It does get exposed from time to time.

The CFL does rightfully pride itself on their history of welcoming and giving opportunities to black QB's and coaches long before the NFL did.
Still the CFL reflects the larger society and so the problem, unfortunately still exists.

As for Pinball complaining about the refs. Well, what coach in any league hasn't complained about refereering? He's a head coach first, spokesman second.

Finally, is the league better or worst than in the 60's, 70's? I don't know, but, last years Grey Cup was one of the best I've ever seen. Let's hope this year's is a great game also. That would certainly lift the leagues brand.

I also think this is an over reaction and an overstatement.

The Arland Bruce remarks are no big deal in the bigger context in that you have one player making stupid comments after a heartfelt loss. Big deal! it's always been the case and always will be. Those remarks reflect on the individual more than it does on the intended trget or the league. Just look at all the stupid things that are said out of the mouths of NFL players. It doesn't even compare. Furthermore, look at all the wonderful and positive comments that came out of Ricky Williams' mouth. They far outweigh anything said by Bruce, IMO.

Tired of 8 teams playing other teams too often? Not me. Whether its an 8 or 9 team league and a 16 or 18 game schedule is not that big of a deal for me. Sure I want 9 teams, and even 10, but the 18 game schedule is great. If it means more football, then I'm all for it. I'd mauch rather have 2 preseason games than 4 like the way it used to be. If the players are going to play a grand total of 20 games before the playoffs, I say it's better to have 2 preseason and 18 regular season games, rather than 4 preseason and 16 regular season games. That was a move in the right direction.

Thing is, the CFL has done a great job in the last few years of getting more and more games on TV. While you may feel it's over exposed and you're bored with the product, I'm not.

Sure you get your clunkers and there have been more entertaining years, but I enjoyed this year just fine.

CFL brand taking a big hit?

Nah. Not even close in my eyes.

Playoffs were great, and I started tailgating this year and had a blast!

I think the CFL is great, so is Canadian football overall. There aer always things to complain about, and no lack of people to do the complaining. But Chris Schultz has said it just about right to my mind, talking about the Grey Cup. We have a lot to be proud of, and happy about.

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Nice one stevehvh! What a grat piece by Schultzy.

(You need to fix the link)

Never look back with closed eyes .. when I was young everything was bigger and better my heros were stronger and the games were like fantasy 30 and 40 years ago I am sure we all saw things so very differently .. the only factor that differs is us. So was it better ?? Not when I look at it through a 13 year olds eyes.