CFL Brain Drain

On the heels of the Argos losing Marcus Brady to the Colts, Davis Sanchez is reporting Eskimos Offensive Co-ordinator Carson Walch is headed to the Eagles.

Interesting that both have a working history with Marc Trestman.

Als fans of course lost Trestman to the Bears. Recently however, no need to worry about Als coaching losses as there have not been many brains to drain.

Brings up an interesting question:

If Trestman sees more success in TO, does another NFL offer come his way?

Rumor is Trestmen was in the running for Seahawks OC. Not sure he plans on sticking around long term.

Players are always going south for their NFL chance, so why shouldn't coaches go for that opportunity?

I agree

I think Tres is here to stay; he had many years down south and never really stuck. He has a knack for the Canadian game, much more so it seems then the American version.

Remember that guy that use to coach the Cleveland Browns in 1991-1995?

I’m sure that there is a lot of respect in NFL circles as a QB coach who has really helped Blake Bortles in Jacksonville and I’m betting NFL is taking note of CFL experienced assistant coaches, especially with QB experience. Plus these guys are always networking. Small community really.

Walch is really going to be missed in Edmonton. Maas even gave up play calling and gave it to him. Eagles lost their OC in Frank Reich to be the HC Indy. Walch will gain some good experience in Phily as will Brady in Indy.

TO will be OK without Brady as they have Tommy Condell there. But Brady is a loss to CFL nevertheless. Never seemed to be in the running for HC anywhere here which seemed odd.

But I guess we shouldn’t forget Steinauer quitting Fresno to come back to Canada. He had a successful year down there as DC. They are very well paid there as well. Must have missed Ontario as a family.

So lose 2 gain one I guess.

Sure seems late in having coaches take off though.

He spent 19 years as an assistant coach in the NFL, and two as a head coach, so I think it's fair to say he stuck down there and has a knack for American football. If you mean he moved from one team to another, that is how it works for most assistant coaches in the NFL. Unless you are with a dynasty or very unambitious, you are going to move around a lot.

The smartest men in football live and plan on staying permanently in Calgary.

Everyone knows you can’t trade on your CFL reputation once retired in Calgary or other big cities. That distinction belongs to Regina or Saskatchewan, where most fans actually KNOW and care who is on their team. Hamilton offers this to some degree, and I’m sure Halifax will truly embrace their players. But other cities - not at all. My cousin and his kid were at a mall in Calgary at Christmas time and Bo Levi Mitchell was there wearing an elf hat and handing out candy canes. The event was billed ‘Spend the afternoon with the Stampeders and Santa’. The Calgary kids there were asking BLM where the players were. Their moms had no clue. It took a SASK born Calgarian and his son (my cousin and his kid) to point them out. Was kinda funny he said. Sent me a pic of BLM looking lost. Even an MVP QB goes unrecognized in a shopping mall there.

George Reed lived in Calgary for years and was basically ignored there. Since he returned to Regina - he’s been able to enjoy and trade on his legendary status. He’s still very active with the team and community. We support our own.

Perhaps the "smartest men in football" have other talents to "trade on" than their CFL reputations?

George Reed wasn't ignored. He owned a restaurant here and his daughter trained as a track and field athlete. He wasn't revered however, as he never played for the stamps.
Instead of knocking Calgary for this you must ask why he left Regina in the first place??

I can tell you, Huff, DD they all live here year round, their children were (in Huffs case) and are (in DD case) raised here! So does BLM and many others.
Why does your DC, HC, GM and head of football operations live in hotel? Why doesn't he buy property (God knows he can afford it) or at the very least rent something?- a hotel must get expensive. The answer is obvious- he wants to make as easy a split as he can because his mind is always on the greener (pin intended) job opportunity that awaits.

His family remains down south in their lives, and he's never at a 'home' in Regina. Jones is out the door at 5:30 am and back to his hotel suite at 11pm. That's when he's in town. If he's away he's scouting and recruiting, or seeing his family because he's recruiting close to where his family is. He was tasked to turn this team around and win a Grey Cup and build a sustainable success football ops and team. He's well on his way. He wasn't hired to contribute to the local real estate market.

Remember the value we get for our season tix vs the value you get for yours? CSEC thanks you for not caring about the dump that is McMahon nor expecting more, while they profit from stadium fees and high ticket prices - while doing nothing for the fan. Profits go into pockets. Ambrosie called them out on it. He said the team with best record - plays in a dump. Even their winning records don't mean much. 27,000 attendance in a city of 1.2 million?

Embarassing. Fans won't come unless Stamps kick it up a notch. They don't have a loyal following like some other clubs do.

George Reed attends quite a few Rider practices & games... so its more than likely he has property in Regina & Calgary... so are you getting ahead of the legalization of cannabis? There are lots of former Riders who have made Regina their permanent home, as I imagine lots of Stamps , Esks etc, have made the cities they played home as well. I know you love your city, and that's fine... but don't get repulsive about it...

Speaking of brain drain (thread title), Sambo, reading what some have written is draining. Maybe we could get the mods to have a private forum for your buddy White stallion and the Iconic guy. They could go at it tooth and nail. ;D

So you say you are just fine with Chris Jones decision to stay out of the community and you criticize BLM for doing charity work ?-Are you for real?
BLM does his own charity work in Calgary-unrelated to the Stampeders- particularly Mitchell's Miracle Day- A charity that buys presents for single Mom's escaping abusive situations so their children can a Merry Christmas.
You criticize this yet love Duron Carter who does F- all for the community- expect being a burden of the courts. Where is he? Where are is charitable contributions?

Yeah, they have been going at each other in quite a few threads... my dad is bigger than yours, or my gf is hotter than yours... my city is better than yours... doesn't take much for these two to hijack a thread it seems.

As for a CFL brain drain, a good coach here will be snapped up by the NFL... but there have been a few coaches who come to the CFL from the NFL or NCAA football. The so-called "brain drain" goes both ways.

I suggest you re-read my posts. What I said was: BLM and other Stamps players were not recognized when the Stamps were handing out candy canes at the mall with Santa. I didn't make any comments on the charity or the cause. It's awesome the players help out. What sucks is that the fans or residents of Calgary didn't know who they are. That's what I said, not the other things you are fabricating.

"It took a SASK born Calgarian and his son (my cousin and his kid) to point them out. Was kinda funny he said. Sent me a pic of BLM looking lost"

That is a slight against Bo and you know it.
Like I asked....everyone reveres Carter,,,,what is he doing for the community? Shouldn't he give something back?