CFL Bound Un-Drafted Players...

I thought it would be good to highlight those NCAA players that if not signed in the next few days by an NFL team could possibly be a CFL player in 2008.

If you have a player in mind that you think could be a great CFL player just post their name and why you think he will make a good CFL player.

I will start off with some of the players I think would be good players in the CFL. Also it will help to give everyone a template.

D.J. Hall - WR

School: Alabama
H: 6'2"
W: 190lbs


A clutch receiver with a long, lean frame, DJ Hall was a model of consistency throughout his Alabama career. He was the first player in school history to produce a pair of 1,000-yard receiving seasons and is only the second player in Tide history to reach that lofty standard.

If Hall does not get picked up as a Free Agent I think we would be a strong player in the CFL. As you can tell in the overview he is a consistent play maker and a threat on every play.

Hall should be picked up by an NFL team.

Ali Highsmith - OLB

School: LSU
H: 6'0"
W: 226lbs


Highsmith was a solid three-year starter for the Tigers, and was regarded as one of the most athletic and cat-quick linebackers in the collegiate ranks. He was overshadowed by defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey the last two seasons, but coaches and players will tell you Highsmith was their Most Valuable Player.

Although I am almost a 100% sure that Highsmith will be picked up soon by an NFL team. If for some strange reason he is still available Highsmith would be a definite impact player in the CFL. He is a really good tackler and has amazing speed for a linebacker he reminds me a lot of JoJuan Armour.

Jeron Harvey - WR

School: Houston
H: 6'5"
W: 215lbs


Harvey has good versatility, as he has lined up in the slot, at split end and also at flanker. He is certainly not a speed merchant, but he catches nearly every ball thrown to him and is quite effective using his long reach on fades and bubble screens to keep the ball away from defenders.

Harvey is a tall target at receiver that would make a great slotback in the CFL. He may be a little slower than most receivers but he has the size and skill to make up for the lack of speed.

Darnell Jenkins - WR

School: Miami
H: 5'10"
W: 190lbs


Jenkins is a physical receiver who proved willing to go over the middle for the tough, clutch reception. He may lack the upside of former great Hurricane wideouts, but Jenkins' quickness and versatility as a return specialist made him Miami's MVP in 2008.

Jenkins is a player I know a lot about seeing as I am a huge Miami fan I have followed his career quite closely. I can say from watching him play he is not a Devin Hester type returner but he is a very good returner. As a receiver Jenkins is a very reliable player when you need those tough across the middle catches. Jenkins could possibly be the most likely of the players I have posted so far to become a CFL player after the NFL rookie free agent signings have come and gone.

How about these guys.

Tommy Blake - LB/DE TCU

Todd Blythe - WR Iowa State - reminds me of a young Marc Boerigter. Big target, red zone threat.

I saw that Highsmith signed as a undrafted FA with Arizona.

There we go!! Finally a knowledgeable person on the board. Blythe is amazing and would be a great clutch receiver.

Next week or two will tell the tale. Movement will happen around mid-May for guys who can't get a deal in NFL camps opting for a shot in Canada in time for the camps opening.

Here's hoping the Obie-Rambo team hit the jackpot a la Cameron Wake in the next few weeks of sifting through the FAs out there!

Oski Wee Wee,

DJ Hall signed with NYG

Todd Blythe signed with New Orleans

Darnell Jenkins signed with Houston