CFL boss decides to pass on festivities

The Canadian Press
(Jan 31, 2009)
They have no working agreement and CFL head man Mark Cohon is staying home instead of attending the Super Bowl festivities in Tampa, Fla. Yet NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says all remains well between the two pro football leagues.

“We’ve had a great relationship with the CFL,” a diplomatic Goodell said yesterday during his annual Super Bowl address. "We had long negotiations with them and they determined in their best interests that they did not need an alliance or any type of formal arrangement.

“We would love to see our CFL partners be successful and we’ll continue to communicate with them.”

In fact, Goodell added he had “just reached out … to the CFL commissioner earlier this week.”

Traditionally, the CFL commissioner has gone to the Super Bowl and spoken to Canadian reporters about the many joint projects the two leagues promote.

But that partnership now seems strained after the Buffalo Bills reached a $78-million US agreement with a Toronto group to play eight games – five regular season, three exhibition – through 2012 at Rogers Centre. Many fear it’s the first step in the Bills eventually relocating to southern Ontario, a move that could have dire consequences for the CFL’s Toronto Argonauts and Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Both the Bills and NFL say the Toronto games are part of Buffalo’s regionalization plans and an attempt to expand its brand into the lucrative southern Ontario market. They contend the moves are aimed at solidifying the franchise’s future in Western New York and not paving the way for a move into Canada.

CFL spokesman Jamie Dykstra confirmed Cohon had been invited to attend the Super Bowl festivities but decided to remain in Toronto and attend to league business.

Good for him. I predict a boring Super Bowl, anyway. I'll be using the event as an excuse to drink. :lol:

Also using it as an excuse to drink, drink more than I usually do that is! 8)

Good on Mark, it will be a Super Bore.
Anyone else besides yours truly who will also not watch this crap?

i never watch the supersnore or any other NFL games.

CFL is the ONLY football for me....( and some CIS )

I don't understand the name calling, simply because people dislike something. It's petty and childish, and makes an opinion appear worth less than one written as a proper adult would.

I guess North America just isn't big enough for the two leagues. :lol:

But yeah, I know I said it'd be a boring game, but that's because I don't like the Cards and I hate defensive football, which is what the Steelers are all about. That said, I do look forward to Palomalu cleaning someone's clock. :smiley:

I don’t watch the NFL (or rarely) not because I have a hatred for the league or anything, but simply because there is not enough time in my life for two leagues. And while I do consider the NFL less entertaining (which isn’t, itself, a reason to hate it) and is more wrapping than present, the CFL will get my scarce time every time.

But I will admit that I consciously do not watch the Superbowl because I don’t want to give it higher ratings - it legitimizes the wrapping (i.e. hype) if ratings are high - chicken and egg thing so I do my part to break the cycle.

Back on topic, I am very pleased with Mr. Cohon taking a stand. He could galvanize Canadians behind Our League with stands like that.

Good on Cohon. I'll watch the Superbowl, always do, just can't stand the boring defensive style of football the Steelers play so I'll be cheering on Arizona. Wish I could drink but I have to work later that night.

I hate this type of reporting. Reports facts, not what things "seem" to be. :roll:

Agree CRF "seems strained" means absolutely nothing without some solid information backing this coming from some officials mouth. But nothing. Does the NFL commish come up here for the Grey Cup? I guess relations have been "strained" for many a year or decade according to this line of reasoning.

That report is little more than weasel words.

I agree. Good on him for passing. I'll watch it too because it is football. I too cannot stand the boring defensive style/ball control game that Pitt plays and will be cheering the Cards as well. I am just off work, so I WILL be having a couple. Sorry Dust.

The most entertaining aspect of Steelers football is the hard hitting. They're probably the toughest guys in the NFL. So I'm hoping for some harsh hits.

Go Cards

Gotta luv Kurt Warner .... almost as good as Damon Allen


I've decided to troll with this post.

The more talented of a duo of brothers, the other being a running back but because he wasn’t good enough for the CFL, had to settle for playing in the NFL where he did great. :lol: :lol: :lol:

See? I'm still trolling.

Both the Stamps and Als would have a chance agains't either the Steelers or the Cards, OMG, what was Warner thinking, totally garbage thinking and play to do that, I can't believe that. Yikes!!!

Sandusky, did you edit your post at the top of page two after I posted mine above??? That's no fair. Now mine doesn't make sense. For the record, his post said something like "LOL Who's Damon Allen".

Anyways, I know you know who he is - I was just toying with ya, my friend !! :lol: 8) :lol: