I have to agree with Marty, ever since the Renegades folded we have seen terrible football this year. Its no wonder attendance and the ratings are down.

Bring on the NFL!!

Far too simplistic view here mikem. If what you're saying is the case, why do I personally seem to like the games I've watched, just about every CFL game that is, just as much or more than ever? Defences are doing better this year and just overall taking away from what offences want to do. And I love watching that part of football, just like I love watching good defensive play and goaltending in hockey.

No terrible football for this guy, not at all, well, except our team perhaps. :wink:

Some of the best movies are the productions the so called “critics” give thumbs down. So, what do critics know?

I also agree with MArty, the games are not entertaining this year. There's maybe the odd good game, but it's gotten to the point where I don't even bother watching the other games, which is a first for me, and now with how brutal we are I won't even watch the Cats play, except for labour day. If it's the same junk on labour day I'm going to take a break from football for a while.

The point that Marty York is making is that the ratings are down, the attendance is down and the QBs can't throw the new football.
Hence boring football this year.

Only one kick off return for a touchdown so far this year, no punt returns for touchdowns.
As for Defence, you can't say that's been entertaining - sacks and interceptions are down so far this year.

With the lack of camera's-angles d-fence is never entertaing in this league, maybe if we could see individual db/receiver matchups along with better commentary from the anouncers as to what the d-fence is doing coverage wise it would make for better ratings.

Guys, let's take our "CFL goggles" off for a minute...I love this league as much as you guys but this year has been a real snooze...The same match-ups, blow-outs, injuries..

Re: Marty York
Marty's article was written with the intention of puting light on all the negatives of this season, attendance and ratings have not decreased as drastically as he'd like to make them out to seem....

2 Players got arrested in the entire league ? 7 got arrested alone on the Cincinnati Bengals this off-season, but you read no mention of that...

I feel teams making changes are a good thing. Brings in new blood. For fans to maintain interest teams have to show they're being active and progressing....

I wish that we would do away with the 3 downs system and go with 4...we dont score any more points then the NFL teams do we? and they use 4 downs.

American broadcast commentators who have a penchant for promoting professional sporting events from a positive point of view would put a whole new twist on those stats.

Marketing genius' they are!

[quote="boulder122"]I wish that we would do away with the 3 downs system and go with 4...we dont score any more points then the NFL teams do we? and they use 4 downs.[/quot]


thank you

lets not forget, the CFL season got lost in the NHL playoffs, and soccer stuff in june....but this crappy schedule doesnt help.

it will all come back after labour day.

People make good points above for sure. But I still am glued to my TV set for every game and enjoy it as much as always, can't explain it, just the way it is, ratings down, blowout games, no td's, sacks etc. whatever, I just really like watching guys hit each other and play the game of football, period.

From a Ticat point of view it hasnt been an exciting season unless you like soap operas but over all there have been some great games. Look at that calagary game where the beat the Als on two late filed goals. Every season cant be a Jackpot and also consider that we still have just under 1/2 a season to go with all the BIG games to come. Ask that question again in October!

are you even canadian???

There is no way on earth that the American game is better than ours.
If you want to see boring football, by all means, watch the four down, smaller field, no end zone, free catch garbage that the U.S. airs.

York makes a valid point about our game for this year, however. It must be truly boreing for spectators (other than Hamiltonians) to watch the Tigercats play ANYONE, since it is practically a given that they will get blown out.

That being said, I like the moves the Cats have made in the past week and, indeed, they may be ready to surprize some of the fans by playing more competitively. (So come on you Ti-cats; - surprize me!)

I agree withh the article, the CFL can be as boring as the NFL with all the change of posessions thanks to the three downs.

The Biggest Change are The Kick and Punt Return Rules…

Blocks From Side are no Longer Legal
Yo must get a Head in Front of the Person you are blocking

Aside from the Ti-Cat games recently the CFL has been lots of fun to watch. How about the BC/Edmonton game where Edmonton blew the hold on the last play field goal? Or the comeback where Edmonton went ahead of Winnipeg late only to see Stegall get that miracle touchdown? These are some games that I'm going to remember for quite some time. And even the Cats played close games at the start of the year, so I wouldn't say overall the games are bad.

I think this idea is blown up by the media cuz scoring is down this season. But defence is definitely fun to watch, if all I wanted to see was non-stop scoring and revolving door style defence I'd watch the NBA.

I can't find ANYTHING to DISAGREE with in the York article ... some HIGHLIGHTS ...

*whoever thought to CHANGE the FOOTBALL should be FIRED, post haste. it has been a SERIOUS DETRIMENT to the game ... absolutely STUPID !!

*the player INSTABILITY is also something to be concerned about.

*all I could do is shake my head at the DeAngelis story ... not even a try out in Hamilton !!

This is the THIRD thread of this nature so far this season ...

I sincerely hope the league can find some much needed CONTINUITY for the remainder of the season ... I'd like to think it can't get worse ... BUT that's what I thought about the Ticats THREE home games ago ...


Who do I lobby to change the rules to permit 2 moves in a row during a game of chess?