Does anyone know of any good CFL books that are most recent or last 10 years to read…it seems really hard to find any in your local bookstore.


When I first saw this I genuinely thought it was going to be a thread about CFL accounting practices and the league balance sheet.

There are dozens and dozens books from which you can choose! For several very good partial lists go to this thread in the Ottawa RedBlacks forum:

This one intrigues me:

8. Don Jonas - just came out

Where do I get it??’s just called don Jonas ?

You could try Young is the owner) or Amazon.

I recommend the books by Frank Cosentino.

He has a series dedicated to the CFL and it’s history.

I second the Frank Cosentino books!


The two I enjoyed in the last 10 years of reading about the CFL .

2008 The Water Boy from the sidelines to the owners box
Bob Ackles

End zones and Border Wars 2013
The Era of American expansion