CFL books and CFL DVDs!

These books are listed in CFL Magazine collectors section. :thup:

GREATEST GREY CUPS : THE BEST OF CANADIAN FOOTBALL , by Graham Kelly , Altitude Publishing , 2005.
120 pages.
The TEN best GREY CUPS :thup:

by , Stephen Thiele , Moulin Books , 1997 , 225 pages.
Every GREY CUP up to 1997 , all of stats and records from the game as well , as pictures [ both C and BW] :thup:

by Tony Proudfoot , a 12 Year CFL veteran and the current MONTREAL ALS broadcaster : Fenn Publishing in Toronto : 2006
" what makes a pro football player great? "
200 page hard cover :thup:


  1. The 2004 GREY CUP in OTTAWA : buy it at the CBC shop or through
    2 DVDs : 1 disc is the complete GREY CUP game and the other disc is the GREY CUP in OTTAWA story.
    With the full TRAGICALLY HIP half time show :thup:

  2. CFL TRADITIONS : 1 DVD for each CFL team including OTTAWA :thup:

All teams are avilible to order on 1 disc :thup: Each has that teams history , interviews , great players and moments. Each disc comes with a great history of the CFL.
You can buy this DVD through :thup:

Cover story in this issue of CFL Mag. is , TERRY VAUGHN :thup:

New reviews/updates of the EAST and WEST.

A story about SASK. fans

Former CFL players in HOLLYWOOD. :o

  1. Lou Ferrigno was an ARGO :o

  2. Carl Weathers [ROCKY #s 1 , 2 and 3]
    played for B.C. :thup:

  3. WWF's , THE ROCK , played for CALGARY. :o

But no DVD of one of the greatest Grey Cups (2005) :? I'm glad my neighbour got a couple Bootlegged ones off the black market! :thup:

I agree , real dumb.That would be great to have! :thup:

I can think of one book they missed. :wink:

Well , plug AWAY :wink: :lol: :thup:

I bought that one and, writing wise, it is a major disappointment. It is so badly written it reminds me of the "What I did last summer" essays we had to do in school every year.

However, the pictures are pretty neat, and you still get to learn a few CFL anecdotes.

Really ? Anyone has a picture of that?

I got a copy of the 2005 GC :lol:

... and in that version, Alouettes win ! Sweeeet !

wish I had a copy of the 2005 GC, or the 2006 GC when it comes out.

I will have the 2006 Grey cup as well! 8)

oh good, then I'll try my best to make it onto it, but I don't except me to go running naked during a play in the frist, unless there is a high demand for that! :lol:

Yeah.....I'd be sayin' there really isn't a high demand for that.....

Dont bother!
The wonders of editing will be involved

well, I do want OTHERS to see me on TV, although running naked will not be the way to go. I don't know what I'll do yet, but naked is out.

other dont want to see it

you would be susprised! My mother wants to see me on TV, and so does my family in Australia, etc.

high demand? Girl, that'd be a ratings killer instantly.

it is tradition, there has to be streaker at the game, KK just tell them you came all the way from down under to see the game and they will let you go......:slight_smile:

I'll have the Canadian flag painted on my back.

:lol: :lol: :lol: