CFL Board of Governors to initiate search for independent chair

TORONTO — The Canadian Football League Board of Governors, following a recommendation by current Chair Dale H. Lastman, will initiate a search and appointment process to name an independent Chair to lead the Board moving forward. Lastman will remain in the role until a new Chair has been appointed.

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Whether it was operating at arms length or not, the current regime was always a questionable arrangement. This moves improves the transparency of CFL organizational objectives, particularly related to broadcast rights.

Look forward to seeing how this develops.

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He is an MLSE type - who and why is he leaving or getting forced out? What is the play here and by whom? Things like this don't happen on accident -


I move that the independent chair come from this forum. I'm not sure what the new by-laws here say about elections, but maybe we'll have one of those for this?


So is this the league finally figuring out, that if you have the Chair from MLSE, a team is owned by MLSE and the leagues TV contract is with a member of MLSE that, that might be a little too much MLSE influence?

Or is it true MLSE is looking to get out of the CFL, and now are looking at removing themselves from positions with the CFL? Could TSN be the only link between the CFL and MLSE in the next year or two?

Or is it simply the league wants a new independent voice or Lastman just wants out?


Hard to say the motive behind this. I'm not too familiar with the history of this position. The last chair Jim Lawson was independent. Not sure of those before him.

Most league's chairs are within one of the teams, Larry Tannanbaum for example is the chair of the NBA's board of governors but it may be less easier to influence with 30 teams as opposed to 9.

Lets pay another guy $650K+++ to oversee(babysit) the 9 owners.

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I love coincidences. "Lastman will remain in the role until a new Chair has been appointed."

The next guy after 'Lastman' should be given the honorific title: 'Nextman'.


Not so fast, other contenders include Yes-man, Right-Hand-Man, Woke-man, The Man, Water Boy, and likely more.

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'Newman' would be the CFL office weasel.

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I like your CFL uncoupling theory - maybe MSLE is in the process of disentangling themselves from the CFL so if they did have an option to play football in a different league there wouldn't be as many ties to the CFL -

I personally think that MLSE is just punching out time in the CFL - Like gutting it out in a bad relationship living with the the soon to be ex girlfriend at her apartment - until you have somewhere else to move into - waiting for your new apartment to open up - that is the vibe that MLSE is throwing off -


This is an outstanding analogy. Now I have not been in exactly that situation, but I did have to get out of a similar situation with a past girlfriend once many moons ago.

I was unsuccessful in sneaking out undetected though, but that would be my advice and well, MLSE tried and it looks like they failed on that one already.

Anyway, can't live with 'em can't live all know the rest and I guess the MLSE has been there for awhile given the state of the Argos home game experience.

When you are trying to get out you can't make it too obvious - you need to start moving out small things and stashing them at a buddies place - fishing gear and what ever other small items you can relocate while she is at work or somewhere else - whittle down the stuff you need to move then when she figures it out and she does decide to send your belongings through a wood chipper most of your possessions are safe -

That said I really don't see the Argos or MTL putting a lot of work into this relationship - both of those clubs are going thought the motions at best -


Can't say Montreal is going through the motions. They hired Joey Alfieri from TSN Montreal to run the team social media outlet. Gary Stern is all in for the CFL to me

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It is puzzling the media release . For every action like this there is a strong reasoning behind the media release .

Is it for the fans /share holders or the BOG ?

They could have done this without the media release .

So why now ?

Are they saying openly there is a power structure and a system in place today that is not without influence or perceived bias .

Is that influence under scrutiny today that the chair relinquishes that position on behest of a group / individual or does the chair see no way to move forward without an impartial partner to ajudicate the inner workings of the league on the path forward .

No way MLSE thinks all one way when there is two large very competitive influences within that conglomerate let alone a CFL BOG with different agendas .

This is a power struggle within and an attempt to be transparent in it's resolution of the CFL's future .

For that you have to applaud it's attempt to do just that ; if nothing else it's at least trying to be open with the media release to the intended target audience .

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I may start a new thread on it .

Thought there would be a discussion on who and what is being sought as an independent chair .

What are the qualifications and who maybe are they looking for to chair as an independent ( consultant ).

I've always thought independent was someone who isn't part of one of the 9 teams.

Lastman's predecessor, Jim Lawson wasn't with any of the teams when he was the chair IIRC.

Not sure about anyone before him.

It is interesting the selection criteria .

The CFL seems to be connected by some means to someone within our borders it's not far removed from some industry .

Wonder if they will find someone outside the country ?

Like I stated, it should be somebody whom we elect from this forum.

We joke about this new person who is going to be the independent chair - but we never mention how much the makeup of the BoG has changed over the last three or four years - Braley has been replaced in BC - MTL has new guys that took over a financial grease fire and new blood in Hamilton -