CFL Board of Fans Meeting 2010: Rule Changes

Just as a fun topic, I thought I'd take a page from the NHL's recent General Managers meeting and start a discussion on rule changes. A lot of creative ideas are often generated at these meetings.

I'm not saying there is anything wrong with the status quo. This is just for fun! Try to think outside the box.

The goal: create new and interesting rules or game play scenarios.

My first suggestion: I'd make the uprights hydraulically adjustable, so if a team wants a 5 point FG instead of the regular 3 points, the gap would be shrunk to 8 feet wide.

I think there should be hills in the field. Centre field could be in a gully and the end zones up hill. It would cut down on singles.

How 'bout digging a moat around each endzone?

I'd like to see a paper mache football, and the yard markers made entirely out of 5-year-old cheddar...

If a player catches a falling flag it's not a penalty.

Rather drastic idea brief I say the following including those that won't happen like an overtime overhaul ...otherwise I say the CFL game needs far fewer improvements than does the NFL for sure!

Try to read slowly please before commenting too, as I have seen there is so much misunderstanding if you read too quickly with regard to the rule changes.

Note that one rule change I had desired with regard to a penalty of only 5 yards instead of 15 on punts in the event a bouncing ball strikes a player on the kicking team before it is touched by the receiving team is on the table and likely to be approved by the CFL.

Overtime -- No More High School Scrimmage

Sudden death after each team gets one possession with all the rules of the regular game in place instead of the current super lame high school practise scrimmage format. Sure no format will make everyone happy, but that is the simplest solution that ensures continuation of the game instead of introducing a practise scrimmage after an otherwise awesome game with ALL the rules of football intact.

Single/Rouge -- No Reward For Utter Failure & Extreme Kicking Inaccuracy From Short Range

ZERO points for any kick out of the end zone that does not bounce in the end zone first and thus would be deemed to have been returnable.

10-yard Roam Zone For Ineligible Receivers Instead Of Only 1 Yard For Forward Pass The Crosses The Line Of Scrimmage-- Fewer Ineligible Receiver Penalties & More Open Offensive Play

Still no ineligibility of course for ineligible receivers/offencive linemen unless specified otherwise under existing rules for offside passes (see CFL rule book), but these players are allowed to roam up to 10 yards from the LOS to set up blocks instead of the current only one yard. Pass interference would be called all the same under existing rules.

Note that this matter differs from existing rules with regard to screen passes, which are forward passes BEHIND the LOS, for which the offencive linemen can roam all the same as on any running play subject to rules on interference as well.

Safety -- Prohibition Of High Hits Above Shoulders To STANDING Players Outside Of The Tackle Position, As Well As Any Players More Than Ten Yards Beyond The Line Of Scrimmage On ANY Passing Play

Essentially the game remains full-go in the designated area between tackles according to existing rules that apply otherwise as well, but no tackling using the head as the primary or secondary point of impact is allowed for the affected STANDING players in the designated open-field area. Some of these hits area already allowed according to some of the rules, but they ought to be broader and simplified for all vulnerable players. See the separate discussion in "Off-Topic" on concussions in the NHL as well. The penalty is 15 yards and possible suspension or ejection of the player based on the gravity of the offence.

I'd like to see holographic goalposts and laser-guided goal lines. When any part of the ball crosses the goal line, this would trip the laser and signifying a TD (sensors could be embedded in the ball). No more arguing with the refs over the goal line scrums. The goalposts could be holographic, so players and the ball could pass right through them...avoiding injuries and passes bouncing off the uprights.

Now that's interesting... But does it have to be the penalised player who picks it up, or can it be anyone on the penalised team?

See, when the ref throws it, no one really knows in that instant who the penalty is for-- so it's a free-for-all gamble. You could accidentally let the other team off the hook. You could lose the game by not attempting to catch it.

Yeah, but if you catch it and you're NOT on the penalized team, you could have the option of doubling the penalty, or taking the difference in concession credit...

Pinball bonus snap, awarded for one play. 2 footballs, 2 QBs. The ball that gets the most yardage counts.

haha this is an awesome idea, so far I`m giving Dave the edge in creativity. How about one player on the field per team get a special pair of shoes with springs in them?

He'd be the lineman trying to block field goals or point after kicks. Nice.

Teams can "bank" penalty yardage and spend the yards at appropriate times. You could also be in debt for penalty yards too. It would teach children economics.

How 'bout extending the Gibson's Finest Player Of The Week to Cheerleaders? :smiley:

"Just look how Kathy landed the splits at the end of 'Proud Mary.' Nailed it! Kathy, you are our Gibson's Finest Cheerleader Of The Week."

Oops. I guess that isn't a rule change. :oops: But I'd still like to see it happen! :wink:

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1)Instead of the current overtime format, have a kick-off like Wendy's kick for a million. Start from 30 yards, if both make it, continue by 10 until only one team has made it. If they both miss a a certain distance, just kick a that same distance until someone misses. Now that would be a gimmick (ps NHL says hi)!! :smiley:

  1. If a team scores a major, then the team that just got scored on should kick it back to the team just on offense. That way you don't punish teams' offenses for scoring. In other words you keep the ball until the defense makes a stop!! Think about it, they say the best defense is a great offense :cowboy:

  2. Lastly just couldn't not mention it....allow 13 men on the field. It seems the riders are already used to it :twisted:

It helps also to have had quite the education and standards uplifted with having lived and worked 3 years in Las Vegas mostly on the Strip too. :smiley:

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