CFL board game

Did anyone in the 70s and 80s ever play the CFL board game made by Multi-Modular Games? I wonder if it could be revived and made into a computer version?

was it called Canadian Armchair Football? I still have it although the box is in rough shape.

I still have the game as well and next time I go to my parents place I will have to dig it out. I don't believe it would be all that difficult to turn into a computer game especially if it were only a text based game. The most difficult part would be inputting all the data for the individual players and teams.

Mine was called Sport Action Canadian Pro Football mine is in near mint condition it was endorsed by the CFLPA. Im looking at it right now. That would be a fun game to play over the internet if it could be converted.

cool my old man gave me the game from when he was younger. u get a game board shaped as a field, differrent colored pieces to represent the teams, and then u get a card mwith dice numbers according ti plays, you role 2 or 1 die and advance the play, it includes penatlies and everything, even has a 3 down marker on the 10 yard sticks.

I still have sports action pro football as well. Its a great game only issue to some people is a game actually does take 3 hours to play on Advanced. I have cards for all the teams from 1980-1988. I think the company went out of business after that :frowning:

It was a very entertaining game

I had it for 84 and 85 with the expansion packs. We played half games cause it took so long. We played that thing a ton.

I remember seeing "CFL Armchair Football" at a rummage sale that I was working as a kid, and I had every intention of picking it up and taking it home afterwards ... unfortunately, some other kid (who was also working it) swiped it before it was finished. I've always been curious about it since ... so if anyone wants to expand on how it's played, I'd read it ...

However, just a couple of months ago I saw an ad for a football board game known as "Gridiron Master". It mentioned combining chess with football, and so I checked it out, figuring that even though it would undoubtedly be american football, at least it was something that could be interesting. But when I went to check it out, I found that they had a CANADIAN version! Even better, a store in Calgary had it, so I went and picked it up ASAP. I am VERY impressed with it. I was worried that it would just be a poorly Canadianized version of american football (eg, 3 downs instead of 4, but on the same field etc), rather than its own game, but I was thankfully proven wrong. The rulebook is for american football, but there is an insert describing the differences for the Canadian game - and everything is covered properly.

If you're interested:
The game is beautifully made (wooden board, strong plastic pieces). As I said, it's basically pieces moving as they would in chess, but on a football field. Luck comes into play with the kicking game, but that's it (and even then, the probability of making a field goal from x yards out is the same as the actual success rate in the CFL from years past). Basically, your QB and MLB move as a king would, your O-line and D-line move as pawns do, backs (and LB's) are knights, receivers and/or backs and secondary are bishops and rooks, and one piece (usually in the secondary or a back or receiver) moves as a queen. You and your opponent alternate moving pieces. There's blocking, line of scrimmage play, interceptions, fumbles ... it is REALLY well done.

I'll try and take some pictures and post them up next chance I get ... As you can tell, I can't say enough about it (sorry for the excessively long post...)