CFL Blogs?

Hi everybody, just joined up on this board and mostly was wondering, is there a decent representation of the CFL in the blogosphere? As a hockey fan this year I started skipping the usual day to day fluff of newspapers and started just getting my information and entertainment from some very well written blogs... And well I was wondering if there is anything comparable for the CFL?

Good question. Rod Pederson, a beat writer in Regina publishes some sort of blog, although it is probably mostly within the bounds of an official reporter's column.

I'm not aware of any others, but would welcome a list of those that exist, if any.

Kamau blogs on the Eskimos. Doesn't do much during the off-season but updates it regularly once the season starts.


Discussed in another topic

MTL (Herb Zurkowsky) : … fault.aspx
HAM (Drew Edwards):
SSK (Vanstone/McCormick/Hamilton): … fault.aspx
BC (Lowell Ullrich): … fault.aspx
CAL (Allan Cameron): … fault.aspx

WPG/CAL (Penton/Busby):

WPG (Ed Tait): … l/bombers/

CFL: explicit language is more of a Sask sports blog than a CFL blog. It covers hockey, college sports, and everything else. During the Rider season, there's a lot of Rider content.

thanks for the links for the beat writers... kind of interesting to see that there aren't any blogs run by general fans rather than reporters? Like funny but still informative stuff like, or to be completely honest, I'm looking to start a blog that has a non-professional's look at the game, something that could make the CFL fan laugh on occasion (hopefully without resorting to a "rough riders/roughriders" joke)... a little surprised to not immediate find CFL fans blogging away while watching the game from their couch..

I'm sure there are a bunch of fan/player blogs, but they're not my taste. I'm more interested in getting the inside info on the other teams. I get more than enough gossip here on this forum.

I don't think there is much from a CFL perspective. Too bad....

We generally do that on the forum on game day. :smiley:

No, no, no…he’s looking for wit and insight.

Yeah, I guess you wouldn't find that here. Just a bunch of bragging or whiner, depending on which team is playing.

I’ve got my own fan blog about the Ticats:

I don’t do a lot during the offseason, but I’ve been trying harder
over the past month. My last post was looking at how much
home field advantage there is in the CFL relative to other
leagues. Surprisingly from the data I looked at, it was even
more than for the NBA.

Most of the time, yeah. Other than the Turkeybend rankings, of course.

Most of the time the Turkey Rankings are more accurate than TSN's! :smiley:

Thanks for the mention :slight_smile:

I also Run a Blog for past 3 Seasons about The Ticats


Just want to add to this topic, but all I can say is keep an eye out for when the new CFL sites launch :wink: