CFL Blame Game 2021

Nope. But I'd love to see some.

What I do see is 36 hours of totally un-moderated crap.

FYB, we've pushed the envelope far enough as it is, don't you think? :grinning:

Anyway, if we start blaming a god, then we'd have to decide which of the roughly 2,000 gods mankind has conjured up over the millenia to blame, and that'll start more arguments.

well, now I am just totally insulted.... harumpf

ahhh, just blame everyone but the one I believe in :slight_smile:

Oh that's what they'll all say. :rofl:

No that is your interpretation that it was "purposeful act of the Chinese government" that is not what I said. You are correct there is no proof that it was unleashed on purpose, no one thinks that they did this on purpose!!
But nevertheless, their government did very little to prevent the spread outside of their own country and refuse to take the blame.
Why are you so supportive of the Chinese in this??

I will repeat what I said again in case you didn't understand -
you can blame CHINA for the virus spread around the world and the lost CFL season, it was out of our control.

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If every CFL fan in Canada (estimated 200,000) bought a package of cloth face masks from their favourite team from the Shop For CFL Merchandise -, that would generate the CFL net revenue of $3.4 million. And, then, if each one of those Grey Cup Fan Base - This Is Your Place In History fans gets at least one other friend or family member (out of an estimated 1.5 million Canadians age 18-65) to do the same, double that. Fans, the media, players, owners, staff....they can be doing so much more than just talking or not about the league and whether it will or will not play this year. In fact, one could argue that the future of the league is in the financial hands of the fans themselves. If the fans demonstrate they vote strongly in favour of their league with their wallets, governments, owners, the league, corporate sponsors will take notice. Buy and get others to buy cloth face masks from the Shop For CFL Merchandise - and vote with your wallets to send a strong message that we, as fans, are sick and tired of not knowing when our next game will be played. If money is the only issue (and the NFL proved that in the midst of this crisis) then fans need to put to rest this idea that CFL games can not be played without fans in seats. Put this myth to rest by making cloth face masks a high percentage of each team's revenues. I do not understand what everyone is waiting for: the league to fail, the government to step in, the media to help out, the vaccines to arrive, the owners to change their minds? Nothing actually matters if the Grey Cup Fan Base - This Is Your Place In History does not buy and wear cloth face masks from their favorite team from the Shop For CFL Merchandise - I mean, come on. Bell Media generates millions from one day with its Let's Talk mental health campaign: can't the Grey Cup Fan Base - This Is Your Place In History talk and text its way out of financial misery? I just do not get it.

You can't stop , can you ? You're like a junkie, always needing the next hit. I'm not the only one who sees you for what you are. Even Paolo sees it !
Since you got me on your ignore list, a childish thing if there ever was one, your rat informer can tell you what I said.


...I’d say more like ‘loosely’’s good to blow some steam off once in a while...obviously if the thread isn’t to your liking then don’t read it...


Loosely moderated non football related politics and tin foil hat theories is still crap and does not belong in a CFL discussion forum.

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...I don’t necessarily disagree with you Yukon, let’s get back to strictly moderated talk only about the rouge..

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