CFL Blame Game 2021

Who Is To Blame The Most If The Season Is Canceled Again?
  • Some Politician
  • The CFL Owners
  • Randy Ambrosie
  • The Doctors
  • Your Local Town Drunkard
  • Rod Black
  • TSN
  • Noo One, Noooo One, No One Ever ...Is To Blame
  • Your Facial Hair In The Bathroom Mirror
  • Your Least Favourite Relative (story time?)
  • Your Pet (please specify name and type)
  • Your Spouse (probably not a good idea)

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I picked politicians because Trudeau failed this country by not keeping the virus out of this country by not doing more than he is now, 13 months ago.

Doing the most effective things that they should and could have done then would have made the virus a minimal thing here and much of internal closures and such would not have been required except in isolated cases. Doing what they should have done plus introducing a more relaxed mask use and distancing would have allowed last season to occur with less but doable fan numbers.

I will cut JT some slack though as almost every country failed the same way


So many good choices here. I could have picked town drunk, but then I’d have to pick bathroom mirror at the same time. It’s a chicken or egg scenario.
I also could’ve gone for spouse...she’s a Redblacks lady.

Never date within your division.
I picked politician. It was the closest to the Chinese communist Party.


Like with everything surrounding COVID, there are no right or wrong answers. This is a situation for which no blue print exists. The CFL is in a no win situation, the money doesn't exist for a bubble and TV contracts are not lucrative enough to get by with fewer or no fans.
They either anger the fan base by trying to survive through a lean hibernation and see how they emerge on the other side; as they have been. Or you appease the fans by playing in empty stadiums, burning through already lean resources, lose a fortune and most certainly place the league in a far worse financial shape then they are already in, probably an untenable one.
ITS A CATCH 22 and I am one of the rare fans who applaud the move.

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I think its Chris Jones fault :wink:

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And what politician anywhere in the world has kept the virus out of their country?

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Darian Durant

Kim Jong-un - or at least that's what the state controlled media in the country that he rules says lol

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did you read the last line in that post?

I stopped short of saying EVERYBODY else because I dont know that for a fact

Yeah you said
I will cut JT some slack though as almost every country failed the same way

Which means you BLAME him but not as much as you could be blaming him....

Which makes my point, Why do you blame it at all when no politician in the world did what you expected Trudeau to do?

That guy kicks ass he invented the hamburger .

Our guy doesn't even look like he enjoys a good cheese burger .

Kim Jong doesn't even poop our guy probably poops a lot .

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because I blame them all.

if every country had shut off from international travel, the virus might have been contained to only where it was at the time

As soon as I heard of this virus, I was wishing that every country would not let in any from china. Then wheen it was first reported that it had travel to another country, I was wishing every country would cease all international travel. I specifically wished that JT would do so here.

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Southeast Asia, Scandinavia, most of Africa, New Zealand, Taiwan, a bunch of South/Central American countries all kept virus a non issue

Eastern Europe and Middle East also did very well

Compare Australia vs Canada
They have 900 deaths, we have over 21,000
So yeah our "success" is laughable

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A non-issue is not the same as keeping it out of the country

Who said we were a success and IMO 900 deaths is not a non-issue

Depends on overall mortality. The average age of death of a covid case is beyond average life expectancy which begs the question. How many of these covid deaths would have died at roughly the same time under otherwise normal circumstances?

In some countries mortality is appreciably up this past year. Sweden and the UK are examples. But in Canada or the US, statistically mortality is par for the course. Perhaps the lockdowns managed to steer things that way but to have the mortality trend stay spot on as it's been since the recession in 2008 is somewhat suspect.

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Where are you getting that?

In my opinion, none! They were alive before getting sick, why would you assume they were about to drop dead anyway?

These people were not on their death beds receiving last rights. They already beat the odds on longevity. I think its a safe assumption that most would have had many more years

CBC article from April pegs median covid death age at 84. Canadian life expectancy is 82.

The opinion piece suggests focusing on age could blind us to "the bigger picture" for what its worth.

There is also this more recent distribution from November. I did a rough weighted average on this truncating the 80+ range at 90 (there are those over 90 that would pull this average higher) and got 79 as an average. I suspect the median would be even higher.


Because people beyond life expectancy, especially those with comorbidities like dementia or cancer or lung disease, tend to die.

Many publications cite the majority of covid deaths as having rather serious pre-existing health issues and likewise the majority of deaths were people over 80 which is roughly at or above Canada's average life expectancy.


If you notice majority of countries unaffected by covid closed borders way earlier
Up here we had people like Tam claiming to block certain countries was racism and we need to deal with the fall out

Australia 900 deaths (again vast majority of them from cruises and LTC) is one of the best in the world at fighting covid
Their population and density also are very comparable to Canada's

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Canada's mortality rate (I think per 1000) from 1950 to present day.

We have had a persistent growth in mortality ranging from 0.3 to 1.1% since the 2008 recession. The rate of growth decreased slightly in 2020 from 2019.

For the record I don't want to downplay the significance of covid. It is a measurably more dangerous respiratory illness that we don't have much preexisting immunity to. Left unchecked it could overwhelm the healthcare system.

But I think some of these numbers should be included in the popular discourse to temper some of the fear.

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