CFL Blackouts

It looks like all TSN games broadcast in the HD format will be exempt from being blacked out. Only the SD games will be subject to blackouts. Likely won't matter here in Sask as I expect all the games to be sold out. Sorry I don't have a link, just priviledged information.

Oh how I envy you all in Canada sometimes like here given what extra amount people pay to get the HD signal and programming all the same. Damn right it ought not be blacked out! :thup:

More reason to save up for a HD reciever...

Can't you just rent one from the cable company?

Ya I could but shouldn't either way. Still lookin' for work so getting a HD reciever either way isn't too smart.

HD receivers show the companies looking for employees far more clearly than SD. If you don't have an HD receiver, you're really not trying to find work, I say.

YAY for HD! didn't miss a single game on TV, when I wasn't at one! :slight_smile:

In still working to find better work for myself after great efforts and some progress, after which time of course I won't have as much time to be on here also at work like now, I sympathise with Grims.

Artie rumour has it from previous posts that you have some solid video connections. Maybe hook a "CFL brother" up who could use the help whilst he's trying to find work like you can folks in the US so they can get TSN on their satellite service without high extra charges or hassle?

Give him a hand? Before you say no, don't do it for yourself or for anyone here -- do it for the CFL and maybe country (there ought be a Canadian flag icon for just such a moment on here too). Consider it a mission from God or your chosen substitute. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don'r really know anything more than most. From time to time US fans have asked how to they can watch games on TSN, particularly live. I know of three, none of which are perfect.

One is to find something like justin tv or whatever its called, and watch it streamed. I have no idea of the quality of this.

Another is to buy a slingbox and hook it up to someone who has a service with TSN.

The third is to buy a Canadian satellite system (Bell, I'd suggest), hook it up, subscribe for the cheapest package that includes TSN, and cancel the subscription after the Grey Cup, and restore it the following June. I don't know if you need a Canadian address to subscribe, I've never looked into it that closely.

Only option 1 is no/low cost, assuming you already have a computer and high speed access.

Otherwise, you're buying something.

Now, if watching games live is not as critical, then I think US residents can watch past games streamed on the TSN site. As well, games are available on iTunes (at least Canadian iTunes), for a couple bucks each, or there are season subscriptions available. These games are generally up a few days after they are played, and they stripped of commercials, half-time, etc. so they run about 2:00-2:10 per game, and take up about 1gig of space eaech. But, if you're watching games from iTunes, at the end of the year you probably could have bought a slingbox or a system of your own, so it's not cost-effectivem, but you get to re-watch them, I suppose.

Hope this helps.