CFL Bikinis... they're here!


So I've been frustrated with the lack of good CFL apparel for the eastern teams compared to the western teams for years now.

But now that the CFL is making bikinis.... I'm ready to storm the CFL head office.

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I can put up with a lack of sweet Argo merch for myself... but denying the gorgeous ladies of Toronto a chance to show their team spirit with a sexy bikini... that is just totally unfair to me... I mean them...

Come on CFL, we have the right to equality of merch!

The Winnipeg bikini tops should say "Motor Boat Here" on them.

The swim trunks almost look like boxing trunks..

They do a little bit. :lol: I wouldn't mind getting a pair of the Eskimos trunks.

I have one...:slight_smile:

Dmont, I agree I would love to see the Toronto gals in CFL bikinis, but to play devils advocate here, I think the CFL might not want to see the Hamilton gals in those bikinis?

Haahahahah.......... hamilton girls......

... seriously though, I'm trying to write a strongly-worded e-mail. Do you know how hard it is for a man to seem angry and outraged because he can't buy a bikini? It's a new experience for me.

It’s easier by email than it is in person, let me tell you!

The bikinis and swim trunks are but one example of many items that are available to the prairie teams but not others. There has been a number of times where I see a cool piece of merch in another team’s colours, and I go to look for the TiCat version only to find that there isn’t one. On the other hand, there are lots of things that TiCats have for sale in their own web-store that other teams don’t seem to have.

Nothing for the Lions? FAIL!

I want CFL boxer shorts.

Underware is overrated

^^ That's more information than I needed...

I know that in Regina they have the side line hot tub, and a boat at CanadaInns, but are there appriate places to showcase these fine pieces of attire at other parks?

Why pay for the full bikini and only use the bottom half?

Maybe they should offer a CFL manzier (or is that brozier?) for the team of your choice. :lol:

i want a pair of argos or ticats swim

Really other than a funeral or formal event everywhere is appropriate for that kind of attire

not on me

Let yourself go, did ya? :stuck_out_tongue:

:lol: that and I have never wore a bikini in my life. :wink: