CFL Being push to go 4 downs

Maybe they were.
Maybe Ambrosie and some BOG are still for it.

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I think they want a firewall - Litigation for the CTE head trauma - Why buy when you can lease?

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They also don't want to pay for it. NFL Europe came to an end for those reasons. I think they are happy to be the Godfather figure and get the other leagues to do their own thing.


It has to be a big financial number for the CFL move it's schedule to the Spring. More like triple of what TSN paid for the broadcast rights for the CFL.

I don't know why the NFL is cheaping out on programing content for it's network. They can easily afford the price. The NFL Network has the NFL Combine during it's offseason and it is waste of time. I don't care who runs the fastest 40 time.

The NFL Network had no issue televising CFL games and it's 3 down product in 2011, so it shouldn't be a problem in 2022

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I agree - I think that the NFL is the semi official sanctioning body like FIFA or CONCACAF for gridiron football - and they don't want to foot the bill but they want somewhere to train O-Linemen to their brand of football - so if they have the USFL and CXFL playing their brand of football it helps them -


Wouldnt be surprised in the least.

Between the lesser of 2 evils, I'd rather 4 downs instead of a spring summer season. The Grey Cup belongs in November.


The lesser of two evils??? If the CFL goes to 4 downs, it will never play a Grey Cup in November ever



Yep. More BS from Toronto. Ambrosie is a sell-out.

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I'm willing to bet most people that say they won't watch 4 down CFL football, would watch 4 down CFL football.


4 Downs = more offence = entertainment & less punting , I like the idea while we are still a very Canadian Game , even more so than Ice Hockey is....

I tend to agree. I was originally against it but the NFL has never scored more points and punted less.

There's no evidence that an extra down would mean more running, it may just mean even more passing and even less defence.

If you miss the 43-40 shootouts this could signal the return of those.


2019 CFL punting statistics using two known kickers on a couple of good teams , Winnipeg's Justin Medlock & Ti-Cat's Lirim Hajrullahu , both punted 106 times in 18 games in 2019 ,from
Looking at the number of punts for players are listed ,same year 2019 , 17 game season (?) the number of punts range from the low 60's to the highest number of punts I see is 87 .
NFL Teams punt less ....

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I think a 4th down changes things pretty dramatically, and may have a domino affect leading to other changes.

The CFL field is huge, big as it is, it's still challenging to complete first downs as you only have 2 tries.

Now, 3 tries to get a first down on a field that big? This leads to strategy changes, perhaps requires a different type of a defensive athlete. Is defense going to turn into a theory with comical scores of 60-52 weekly?

With less punting (in theory) are adjustments coming to the rouge? We'll certainly see less big play punt returns.

Does the play clock need to go ro 40 seconds? A lot more planning to do on offense with a4th down.

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yes to the above

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I had to do plenty of stats in my career as an academic. The conclusions in that Leger poll do not necessarily follow from the data given. Magical thinking is in evidence without further data to show how doing these changes WILL bring in new fans.

As the saying goes, "there are lies, damn lies, and statistics."

And if the league goes this route, showing they don't care about me, I have no problem in sadly bidding goodbye. It's a big interesting world out there. Season tickets to the Cats do not rule my life.

I guess that I will be an exception to your rule, Crash.


We don't know what data genius or the CFL has. Maybe they do have evidence that 4 downs does bring in new fans, maybe they have data that shows fans want more points and less punts and indirectly the league things downs plays a part in that.

I completely understand if the product changes for the worse, the league will lose fans. But what if the product changed for the better?

What if 4 downs means more points, more passing, less punts, more shootouts and better exciting football? You'd still stop watching?

I'm personally going to base my decision on whether or not I like what im watching, the CFL could have 9 downs and I wouldn't care if deep down I enjoyed it more.

I guess what i'm saying is I would wait and evaluate what i'm watching before I make a decision that a predetermined thing like number of downs will automatically turn me off.

I do know that my personal enjoyment of the CFL product has diminished. There's many reasons for this.


I too.(exception to rule)

Going to 4 downs will not change the fact that the vast majority of the CFL's American players are not NFL quality now, and will not be after the change. Most Canadians who do watch American ball don't watch the NFL because it's 4 downs. They watch it because they perceive, and rightly so, the overall quality of the NFL player is superior and that is what they want to see.. The CFL, for several obvious reasons, one being wage demands, can't ever be expected to compete for player quality parity with the NFL. Therefore, moving to change Our Game to the 4 down American game will not drive an interest and profitability increase. It will serve only to eliminate the originality of Our Game. Next step? Extinction of all Canadian football rules and the creation of a third or fourth class level "National Football League"?


Yeah Crash, I would stop.
Identity matters greatly to me.

I would see this as not the same league and not the same teams and so they would have to win my support. They don't gain an automatic pass into my heart.

Right now I celebrate the world champions of 3 down football. I can cast my perspective in that manner.

Celebrating a Canadian 'sort-of' minor league NFL team? Doesn't catch my emotions. And that's not where I will put my entertainment dollars.

We just differ on this.


Maybe I'm confused. You're saying not the same teams, league, etc.

If everything stays the same and the current 9 teams just kept all the same rules and moved to 4 downs, you view the league as different?

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