CFL Being broadcasted in the U.S lots

Today I Just got back from Tampa Bay,Florida i was down their for a week and some drunk lady tried to give my 18 month old brother a knife

but anyways...

The Edmonton and Hamilton game was on TV last Saturday...(and i felt like Committing Suicide after Bauman dropped that pass when he was wide open) and then i was surprised to see that on the sunday after that, the 4 CFL Games from the week were being played again on the same station

I Also Saw them again on wat i think was a Tuesday

It was nice to see CFL Games being played over and over again Down in Florida

and we Met a guy who was from Tampa but a big fan of the CFL and has been following the it for years now

it is nice to see that the league is being recognized In Different parts of the World

just thought i would like to point that out

and Kasey Printers wasnt bad against miami...he was 8 for 10 i think

but he fumbled which led to a miami touchdown if i am not mistaken

You should have kept the knife, it would have come in handy