CFL becoming a mini NFL?

Has anyone noticed the CFL becoming like a mini NFL with the new rebox unifroms and the Division logos?

Here are things I have noicted:


  1. Winnipeg's home Jersey looks like the Rams home one.
  2. Ottawa's new away jersey looks like a throwback to the old Rough Riders one but with the shoulder spirts, looks like the Houston Teaxans away ones.
  3. The evil NFL Jets are think abou chaging there Jerseys to Saskatchwans ones
  4. Green Bay (Green and Yellow) looks like Edmonton (Green and Gold)


The West/East logos have the same colors that the NFL's AFC/NFC logos have.

...and this new Scotiabank West/East Championship logo look alot like the NFC/AFC Championship ones.

I think that the League is putting on a markering puly to look like the NFL to draw more fans but it is costing the league some of the originally that I know and love (and I'm sure that all of you feel the same way too). I hope that someday, the league gives up this tend and goes back to it's oringinal roots.

If you think abou it in that light, my idea to chage the West logo's color to green instead of red isn't a bad idea since it makes the CFL a more original league.

the cfl jerseys LOOK WAY BETTER than nfl jerseys....and the jets better NOT steal the roughrider jersey...F**KTHEM

i dont care that the scotiabank final logos are the same biggie

We are in week 9 and you are just realizing this now. I believe this topic has been beat to a bloody pulp already.

i wanted to post a pic, but i guess i cant

As far as uniforms go..........the same company is going both the NFL and CFL uniforms.

And it all depends who had those colours first? The CFL has been around longer than the NFL.

but the NFL doesnt care...if they want to rip us off, then they will

Actually if you look closley
They are becoming more like us.

Thats my story and I'm not gonna change it.

I think Kanga is suffering from some withdrawl, we should cut him some slack.

Kanga!...dude!!!! you just need to STOP watching the No Fun League and just stick to watching REAL Football

:lol: Canada introuduced football to the U.S..........we also gave them the 1ST soccer style licker [from Italy/VANCOURVER] , the 2 point convert........the single post goal posts, and the 2 touch rule for pass defenders ........but we couldn't give them mostly great games.SORRY! :lol:

The U.S. gave us the forward pass, American players and the HUDDLE.


WE WON. :lol: but it was very close. :wink: :lol: :smiley:

Pretty sure you just made that up. I've been a long time Jet fan, have followed them for years, and I have heard nothing of that what so ever. Also they're old uniforms back in the 80's and most of the 90's were the same green Saskatchewan has now. Until they changed it back in 1998 to the uniforms they have now. I guarantee you the Jets are not changing it back to the Saskatchewan Green.

but they shouldnt steal the overall design, but diff shade of be UUUUUPSET.

Why is it, exactly, that people are getting riled up over this jersey thing? Who cares if the jerseys are similar - or even identical for that matter? We are talking about two different leagues, and (as several people indicated in another thread) many people on this forum don't even really follow the NFL anyway. What difference does it make? Besides - the CFL should be flattered if the NFL wants to emulate their jersey style. It's highly unlikely that the 'flattery' is intentional, though - as hellothere mentioned, the same company is creating jerseys for both leagues.

it makes a difference to the CASUAL sports fan, who will assume that the CFL stole the jersey from the NFL ( when its the other way around )...and that CFL is bush-league

Psh. Any REAL football fan knows that the CFL has been around 10 years before the NFL got it's start. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nobody ever said the NFL was around before the CFL.

Agreed somewhat, drumming god; however, any casual observer who is going to call the CFL bush-league is going to do so for reasons other than the style of their jerseys. . .besides, any casual observer who calls the CFL bush-league can do so if they want to - they're no fans I want hanging around. . .

Excellent point...............and some in the Toronto media seem stuck in the 1980's and 1990's..........things have change.