cfl bad calls

As to the holding call against the eskimos Friday night. That call should not have been called against any team in that same situation. Even the angle the ref had on the play is suspect. Its calls such as this that turn a great game into protraying the cfl as a minor league.

signed the newest NFL fan! good-bye cfl :cry:

Agreed that call was botched and then he tried to justify it calling the same thing against sask. What a hack Andre Proux is for one it was Shaun Flemmings (sorry if I spelled that wrong) last game and he has a shot to win the game and the "Hack" calls holding Eskimos should have won that game!! sorry guys wish the refs had gone the other way with that on.

The holding call against the Eskimos last night was the worst call I have ever seen in all my years of watching football (almost 60 years). There have been many blatant misses & wrong calls over the years but that was the lowest, most cruel call I have ever seen. What kind of a referee would call a a very minor infraction (when he had missed several during the game) on the successful, long fieldgoal of a classy player, like Sean Fleming, at the end of his last game before his home fans?

I guess you missed the screwed up coin toss in the NFL. Maybe the ref thought he was reffing in the NHL for a moment.