cfl back in the states

is detroit ,mi a good market area for cfl football??tell me what u think..


NO! the CFL is The CANADIAN football league not the Canadian/Americain Football league.

Well the Toronto Bluejays play in the American league? Maybe it should be the Can-am league?

Just being a jerk and playing devils advocate.

Mrmike; Been there, done that, didn't work, looked silly.

One or two or three teams in the States, bring it on with no import rule. Of course, really concentrate on Ottawa and Halifax also.

No US team ...please !

It was a complete failure except for Baltimore.

Some people will never learn from history !

Part of me wants to see the CFL in the US because i love the game, but i think its best for the CFL to stay in Canada. The NFL should stay out of Canada. I believe sooner or later the NFL Europe is going to come back to the US. There are two reasons for my theory.

  1. the NFL wasn't as popular in early 90's as it is today. Went to Patriots minicamp this week and there were 9,000 people on a friday morning.
  2. Common sense euros and americans really don't get along. The players hate going over there to play. At least in Canada the Americans are treated with respect and vice versa. Why should the NFL waste its money over there when they can make the game even more popular over here. Cheap seats for the developmental NFL league.

i'm not talking about putting teams all over us soil maybe 1 or 2.i'm gonna tell you something where i live cfl would do good..i live in detroit,mi a believe me cfl and detroit would make good money i wish i had the money i would purchase a team for detroit..

I really believe the NFL wishes it was in Toronto rather than Buffalo since Toronto is a much bigger market than Buffalo and not as economically depressed but that never happened and the rest is history, MLB moved into Toronto and have done fairly well there as a market.

I do predict that the CFL will fail as a league if it doesn't somehow get into the American market with some teams or become part of the NFL in some way. Just my opinion and is pure speculation but the CFL will not survive without this in the long run in the sense it will not be able to grow as it should to prosper as a professional football league. And I'm saying this as a huge CFL fan. The big reason is it comes down to money for stadiums and stadium improvements, a lot of the stadiums in the CFL will eventually need major improvements or need replacing. And this is proving difficult although I've heard the Riders are getting some big improvements there and Montreal an expansion with Molson Stadium so there is some positiveness there. And who knows, we could see the Argos playing at the new soccer/football stadium and have this expanded from 20,000 to 25,000 which is what Molson stadium will be and really have a similar thing happen in Toronto like Montreal - a waiting list for seasons tickets which is better than 25,000 and no sense of urgency to buy tickets at the 50,000 Rogers Centre.

Hey maybe swap teams Buffalo Argonauts, and the Toronto Bills. Okay there is my Kanga idea.

I know the CFL could survive in places like Detroit, Boston, Chicago, and Seatle. Northern teams only because nobody want to play midsummer in FLA.

I think that many in Toronto now already call them the Toronto Bills. Seriously.


Also, we might see the Buffalo Tiger-Cats one day when Bob Young gets fed up here with no stadium improvements or new stadium and if the Bills move, well, the Buffalo Tiger-Cats, might just work.

If we could get it done without having to worry about them folding year to year then we should, but I hate having to cheer for a team I don't want to just because I know they're in trouble (like Ottawa, but I think next time around should be a better run).

If we could get it done without having to worry about them folding year to year then we should, but I hate having to cheer for a team I don't want to just because I know they're in trouble (like Ottawa, but I think next time around should be a better run).

I agree with MrMike it would be nice to have a bigger league but I can't see how it can work. When we tried it, the US teams did not have to comply to the non-import rule. That meant we were at a disadvantage and would be again if it were the same. I say that respecting the very good talent of our Canadians but their pool of players is so vast. If we forget about the Canadian ratio, we might end up with a baby NFL league. Can't see the league getting a concession on the US labor laws. You are free to disagree of course.

Agree Lebird, the labour laws in the states are to tall of a hurdle to overcome...nice post, Lebird..

This is the whole "problem", if you will. What is it that the CFL is or wants to be? I've been a fan of the league for decades and will be for decades to come or as long as this league is in existence.
But I don' think after watching all the games and reading about the history and everything that I am any closer to understanding the vision of what the league is and I don't think anyone here, or anyone in the BOG, or any owner etc. has a clue also.
Unless, as in most businesses, it is to get bigger and prosper bigger, that's what most businesses want to do and when they see they can't do this, then they sell or merge or whatever.

Not until the US Labour laws change (and they won't). The Canadian teams will get killed after the first 2-3 years. I don't want to see this happen until the laws get changed.

One thing I will say though that part of the fun about the CFL is just how unpredictable the league can be in terms of it's vision of the future. At least it's not etched in stone as much as a league like the NFL which basically is saturated in the US market outside of maybe LA and a couple of other cities. For the CFL, well, who knows, the vision may be to really go after the Canadian market in a smaller way, going to cities with 10,000 seat stadiums, or it could be to go to the States again in a different way, or it could do neither and go to a league that is TV and web-based and forget about no. of people in the stands sort of thing, I don't know. Maybe a good time for a prospective owner to get in cheaply, maybe?