CFL awards

I didn't get a lot of the finalists right 5-12. Don't agree with some but that's probably why they don't invite me to vote

Picks for the winners

MOP - Burris, was going to win regardless of who came out of the west.

Defence - Bighill, I don't think either should get it but out of the two I like Bighill most.

Canadian - Westerman, only category I nailed. Westerman should be a two category choice.

O Lineman - SirVincent Rogers, great name.

Special Teams - Banks, should have been Rainey out of the west, IMHO the only Lion that should be a finalist, he doesn't get there. Who decides who gets to pick? If a kicker is picked, they should be doing both jobs.

Rookie - Walker, should be the only unanimous pick.

I agree except for Canadian, I think Sinopoli will get it.

And the Winners are...............

PLAYER......Henry Burris-Ottawa
CANADIAN...Brad Sinopoli-Ottawa
O-LINEMAN..Sir Vincent Rogers-Ottawa
DEFENSE.....Adam Bighill-British Columbia
ROOKIE......Derel Walker-Edmonton
SPECIALS....Brandon Banks-Hamilton

COACH......Rick Campbell-Ottawa