CFL Awards

I would like to see a change to the CFL Awards, I dont like how the CFL trophies look like a high school award, i would want them to move to a more NHL style award, so call the MOP trophy the Lancaster Award... or the Canadian MOP the Russ Jackson award, something along this lines.


(PS before people get mad at my choices for names of the awards they are just quick off the top of my head)

Not a bad idea, the MOP would be the Parker award however.

Parker works, i just think it looks better and sounds better, you dont say Ken Dryden has X Best Goalie Awards, you say he has X Vezinas

NHL is NHL.. let CFL be the way it has been for a long time... no need to change things to please a few finicky people.

Perhaps a better example, since you seem to dislike a comparison with the NHL, is the CFL already awards the Outstanding Lineman in the West division the Beckett & DeMarco Trophy honouring 2 of the Riders killed in a plane crash. Naming awards in recognition of past heroes in no way offends the integrity or autonomy of the CFL. IMHO

By the same token, I am not offended by the current model either.

One thing I would like to see is a separate award for the most outstanding offensive player so defensive players will actually have a shot at winning the MOP award.

Yeah, they always get screwed on that one.

How do they get screwed? They get the Defensive Player award...

That's why they get screwed. If only offensive players are supposed to win the MOP then they should just call it the most outstanding offensive player award, not the MOP. There should be a defensive award, an offensive award and the MOP. As it stands now any time a defensive player is the MOP finalist (like Cameron Wake last year) you know there's no chance in heck he's going to win because too many voters won't vote for him because he'll get the defensive award and it would mean no offensive player would get one.

I'm sort of with Blue on this.

I don't really see the big deal. As far as I can tell, it's the same in every other league.

CFL is always undergoing change. I liked it when they were the schenleys(sp?)

I get what youre saying but I wouldnt be in favor of 3 separate awards in that case just Offensive and Defensive players. Im somewhat opposed to the idea of 3 separate trophies because it would likely boil down to the MOP being between the eventual winner of the offensive award and either the runner up for that award or the eventual winner of the defensive award. And it would likely come down to the exact situation youre trying to avoid where the offensive player will take it the overwhelming majority of the time because offensive stats are much easier to notice and tend to involve much bigger more eye catching numbers. As it stands now a defensive player can win the award but he has to be way better than the offensive player he is up against. Using last year as an example, while Cameron Wake had an incredible year Calvillo put up numbers that were at or close to his career highs in most relevant categories so the voters erred on the side of the offensive player