CFL Awards Watch Party

Hey everyone!

Havn’t seen a thread for this yet but they are on right now!

Here’s the link;

A List of Award Winners for Concise Reading

Rookie of the Year - Qwan’tez Stiggers (TOR)

Most Oustanding Defensive Player - Mathieu Betts (BC)

Most Outstanding Special Teams Player - Javon Leake (TOR)

Most Outstanding Offensive Lineman - Dejon Allen (TOR)

CFL Coach of the Year - Ryan Dinwiddie (TOR)

Most Outstanding Canadian - Brady Oliveira (WPG)

George Reed* Most Outstanding Player - Chad Kelly (TOR)

Jane Mawby Tribute Award - Laurence Pontbriand (CFL - Senior Manager of Football & Officiating Development)

Jake Gaudaur Veterans’ Award - Brayden Lenius (SSK)

Hue Campbell Distinguished Leadership Award - George ‘Geo’ Hopkins (CGY - Equipment Manager)

Commissioner’s Award - Bob Young (HAM - Owner)

Tom Pate Memorial Award - Brett Lauther (SSK)

A Scholarship presented by the Keeper of the Cup(?) - Chelsea Young


Congratulations to all the winners!


Most outstanding special teams poster: BetweenTheGoalposts (Tor)