CFL awards show - bahh

As far as I can see, we can only see the awards on this site, no tv. I usually dont watch anyhow because I am watching NFL, but when did they stop televising?

on youtube for everyone to enjoy.



They were televised on TSN 3. Today at 6:30


dang, I thought I had thoroughly check that.

Remember when the Schenley Awards were on national television???

those were the days


According to the post above they still are, albeit TSN instead of CBC.

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They weren't. I watched the Jets game on TSN 3 and had the awards streaming on my phone.

I didn't watch them last night we had the news on then switch to the Jets game afterwards, I seen it scheduled perhaps it got cancelled, but I do have the set up for 6:30 tonight on TSN 3 for those who want to attempt to watch them. TSN has an issue with advertising an event then changing it last minute without notice. If I'm going to be away from home when a sports program is scheduled I record them on 2 channels at different times when possible, otherwise I may end watching lawn bowling instead of a Bomber game.

Edit the Jets game started at 7:00 pm on TSN 3, the award show was scheduled at 6:30 pm on TSN 3, it's a half hour program maybe it was shown after all, I don't know.


It’s longer than a half hour but not sure how long in total.

I have suffered the same fate as you have with games suddenly being switched. Thankfully the cloud PVR’s that have been around for a couple of years let you record at least 5 channels at once as opposed to the former two channels at once.

You and I have discussed this before but I also noticed that the 4k TSN station carried the Jets game even thought it had the standard “Next live 4k event…” label. Hard to know where to record. If it’s NFL or golf or anything else TSN uses an American feed for I am now in the habit of taping the American feed to avoid getting shafted and watching lawn bowling.

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My bad....... dyslexia got me again, I short read the programing, assume the words I see instead of reading the words I see. I now believe they were never shown on TV. Thanks

5 channels? I'm on a satellite dish, no cable available to me. As far as I know I can't get cloud PVR, maybe I can? I'll need to look that up. Was it a large increa$e? Any other benefits with the cloud PVR. I don't have a 5G TV, don't intend to get one either.

Kinda cool to see Collaros' old school acknowledge his CFL stature: