CFL AWARDS- COMMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


tHUMBS down to the selectors. Everyone knows Nealon Greene should have won the MVP award!!

:lol: Have a great Grey Cup all. May the best team win. Ithas been a fun year sharing some smack about all of our teams.

Thanks to Big Dave for doing his thing for us again this season.
I'll leave the talk to the Als fans and Lions fans as you deserve it - your teams made the final. Best wishes Winnipeg in hosting our great Canadian cultural event!!!!
CFL Forever!!!
Cheers all!!!
Gobble Gobble!

Who are you?

hey, idiot, why dont you look for topics already started. Are there any brains cells in your family???

Lions deserved to win every award. If Ian Smart had started the year with the Lions, he would've won Special Teams as well. Great night for the Leos, and hopefully Sunday we will prove that we really were the dominant team in the CFL this season.

I dont expect to be taken seriously because I am an Als fan and the Als were shut out of the awards but, I look at these awards the same way I look at the Oscars, Grammies, and so on.... I could not care less. If the team does well does it matter if the individulas did not win an award? If I enjoyed the movie does it make it a bad movie if it didnt win an oscar?

No to both questions!

Exactly, which is why we'll sweep the awards and win the Grey Cup on Sunday. Boggles my mind how people don't think it's possible to win both.

Sweeping the CFL Player Awards is just the icing on the cake for the Lions this season. Let's get it done on Sunday once and for all.

Lions in 06.

I always take you seriously ro1313.

To my fellow Lions posters, you have to take Turkey with a grain of salt. He has a sense of humour (Twisted sometimes) that nobody else has.

I agree with ro1313 the individual awards are nice, but they really mean nothing unless you have Sunday's trophy to go with it. Its a team game, and individuals can stand out.

Nobody ever said the Player Awards are the same as the Grey Cup. Lions should take both.

how much did bobby ackels pay the cfl to give the lions every award except special teams.

Let me guess, buono will win coach of the year too?

hopefully the lions don't wear those ugly orange pants.

Sour grapes, jealous, envious. I could go on...

im surprised carl kidd didnt win an award, that overrated fool is always talking smack on camera after the game, yet his claim to fame is making a few token special teams tackles and trying to start fights with smaller players like kickers. WHAT A CLASS ACT?! LMAO!!!!

You are an idiot, the CFL doesn't select the winners, the Football Reporters select the winners...and guess what, they're not all from Vancouver. :roll:

well carl kidd is still overrated, and talks too much. he belongs with lawrence phillips in alcatraz.

Speaking of talking too much, how you doin', iceman?

CK is overrated...whatever... :roll:

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Still looking for your deliquent student(s)?????

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Don't worry about this "iceman" character. The guy's probably a depressed thirty-something year-old, still living with his parents - just look at the cartoon picture under his name.

The awards were great turkeybend!!!!!!! Now if only we could have gotten Macallum's performance up a little bit more... :smiley:

your making fun of my profile pic? at least i dont have the picture of a grown man under my signature, you must have a horny man-crush on carl kidd to even have his pic in your signature, the same goes for that other fool that has the aaron hunt pic.