CFL Awards Ceremony Thread

Congrats to Coach O. He deserved it!!!

O! Best speech of the night!

classy speech from a classy guy, congrats coach O.

Mop Canadian earned that. The guy was a monster and a huge reason Tiger-Cats took an L to them

Awesome! Well done Coach!!

Had a chance to meet him recently, great guy - genuine and passionate.

Muamba is a classy dude!

and very scary on the football field. :wink:



Brandon is the G.O.A.T.

Congrats Speedy!

Atta boy Banks

Has to be a best ever showing for the Ticats re awards.

Congrats to all our Ticat nominees and winners. Well deserved.

In good company:

The five-foot-seven, 150-pound receiver becomes the fifth Tiger-Cat to win Most Outstanding Player, joining Danny McManus (1999), Jimmy Edwards (1977), Gerney Henley (1972) and Bernie Faloney (1961). He is the ninth receiver to win the award and the first since Chad Owens in 2012.
Not even close:
Banks took 41 of 50 first-place votes.
Another conspiracy theory debunked as Ticats win 4 of the 7 major awards!

Terrific! An almost perfect night.
I think Simoni was the odd man out only because of his suspension. But he still kept smiling!

Very disappointed for SL. He definetly should have won. Obviously many voters were holding the hit against him. Great showing regardless, like best by the Franchise ever. One more item to win on Sunday…

I just had a premonition that Speedy will be the Grey Cup MVP…
Just don’t ask him to give a speech… :wink:

And we shouldn’t forget that Jim Lawson (Commissioners Award) is also a Hamiltonian (and Brodie’s Dad!).