CFL Awards 2017 - team winners

Team nominees for outstanding player awards have been announced.

*Indicates a unanimous selection

Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Player: Larry Dean
Defensive: Larry Dean
Canadian: Ryan Bomben
Offensive Lineman: Ryan Bomben
Special Teams: Sergio Castillo*
Rookie: Richard Leonard*

Congrats to all the Tiger-Cat nominees!

BC Lions
Player: Solomon Elimimian
Defensive: Solomon Elimimian*
Canadian: Shaquille Johnson
Offensive Lineman: Cody Husband
Special Teams: Ty Long
Rookie: Ty Long

Edmonton Eskimos
Player: Mike Reilly
Defensive: Kenny Ladler
Canadian: Matt O’Donnell
Offensive Lineman: Matt O’Donnell
Special Teams: Christophe Mulumba-Tshimanga
Rookie: Kwaku Boateng

Calgary Stampeders
Player: Alex Singleton
Defensive: Alex Singleton*
Canadian: Alex Singleton*
Offensive Lineman: Ucambre Williams
Special Teams: Roy Finch*
Rookie: Marken Michel

Saskatchewan Roughriders
Player: Duron Carter
Defensive: Ed Gainey
Canadian: Henoc Muamba*
Offensive Lineman: Brendon LaBatte*
Special Teams: Christion Jones
Rookie: Tobi Antigha

Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Player: Matt Nichols
Defensive: Chris Randle
Canadian: Andrew Harris*
Offensive Lineman: Stanley Bryant
Special Teams: Justin Medlock
Rookie: Brandon Alexander

Toronto Argonauts
Player: Ricky Ray*
Defensive: Bear Woods
Canadian: Sean McEwen
Offensive Lineman: Sean McEwen
Special Teams: Martese Jackson
Rookie: James Wilder Jr.

Player: Greg Ellingson
Defensive: Antoine Pruneau
Canadian: Brad Sinopoli
Offensive Lineman: Alex Mateas
Special Teams: Diontae Spencer
Rookie: Sherrod Baltimore

Montreal Alouettes
Player: Kyries Hebert
Defensive: Kyries Hebert
Canadian: Kristian Matte
Offensive Lineman: Kristian Matte
Special Teams: Martin Bédard
Rookie: Branden Dozier

Cats nominees will likely be significantly affected by the team's overall performance, which generally seems to play a big role in voting.

MOP: You'd have to think Ellingson or Ray.

Defence: Dean played well, but doesn't have the name recognition of the others in the East.

Canadian: Sinopoli is the only non-O-lineman in the East. He should take it.

O-lineman: no idea. Team with best record I assume.

Specials: Castillo may have had a chance if he had finished the year. Voters prefer returners. Jackson or Spencer, depending on whether people are swayed by last week or full season.

Rookie: I like Leonard based on his strong performance all year long, including a switch of positions. But I think voters tend to prefer offensive players (as the history of the award shows), and flashy performances over slow and steady. So, probably Wilder, even though he essentially showed up to play starting in mid-Sept.

I think Speedy should have been nominated for our MOP

No probs with Dean for defence

Banks has put up almost 1000 yards in only 10 games since becoming a Receiver on the team
with multiple TD’s, making huge plays game after game.
If there is only one word to define Banks play since getting the opportunity,

Brandon Banks has registered five consecutive games with at least 100 yards receiving and can become one of just four players with six in a row if he manages it in the season finale joining only Hal Patterson (1956), Terry Greer (1983) and Jamel Richardson (2011.)

Wilder wins Rookie award

Another Arblow wins the award for not even half a season, He started 7 games
it should have been Leonard. >:(

Fixed. The league needs the Arblows to be a successful franchise. That’s why they suck.

If half a season counts ,masolli should have been in the mix for mop

Now Marc Trestman is an excellent coach, we all know that and I have the utmost respect for him. But the CFL awarding him Coach of the year for leading a team to a .500 record is absolutely ridiculous. The Argos only had 4 more wins this season than last year. I don't like Chris Jones, but he at least lead the Riders to have a winning record, and into the Eastern Final. That kind of team turn around deserves Coach of the year recognition. Even though June Jones lead our Ticats to win 6 of their last 10 games, I believe he doesn't deserve that award because Hamilton did not have a winning record. Once again it's decisions like this that lead avid CFL followers, like myself, to question the bias and favoritism the league appears to show for the Argos, which makes me hate them even that much more.

ARGOS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Agreed, No Coach in the East deserves the award over what Jones has accomplished in SSK

Chris Jones turned a 5-win team into a 10-win team, but apparently that was not as impressive as Dickenson turning a 15-win team into a 13-win team, nor Trestman turning a 5-win team into a 9-2in team.

The criteria changes from year to year. When Austin turned around the Ticats in 2013, it was not about turnarounds, it was about who won the championship. When the Argos turn things around, it becomes all about turnarounds.

Similar to Wilder. R-O-Y is now about a few spectacular games rather than an entire solid season. Thing is, most RBs flame out after a couple of seasons, while a good DB could be in the league for many years.


Trestman was not even hired until the end of February. At that late date, he still needed to assemble a coaching staff, become familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of players he had never coached and instill a renewed team culture.
Trestman coached Rick Ray to arguably his best CFL season so far and led the team from last to first and into the Grey Cup.

The Coach of the Year award was rightly-earned and well-deserved. Bob Young must look at the Argonaut organization and success this year with great envy.

Wrong. The entire situation was dealt behind the scenes. Ridiculous trade with Montreal and how Bear Woods ends up in Toronto. Beyond belief how this entire team is fixed. If you don't believe Tommy Condell was instrumental in most of the off seasons transactions I have some swamp land in Florida for sale. The league needs the Arblows to succeed so they don't look like idiots. No Arblows no league.

Totally agree. Trestman did an outstanding job. He deserves the award.