cfl awards 2008- hamilton nominees- ideas anyone?

its that time of year again... almost.... when two things happen...... yes, we miss the play offs....
but- and this is a very important but ... we also get to publicly acknowledge ticats who are deserving(and there are actually a few of those)

Outstanding Player? I say its a saw off between Quinton Porter and Chris Thompson
Outstanding Canadian.... still thinking
Outstanding rookie--- between Porter and P-Rod
O lineman......... lotttttttsss of thinking- silence
D lineman......... ditto
special teams? Nick?

i know i ve just opened up the bidding war in the futile category... any takers? ideas? nominations?

I guess that Thompson is the only legit choice here maybe Prechae...Setta has had a brutal year placekicking wise and Porter hasn't played enough to be considered.

Outstanding Player - Thompson
Outstanding Canadian - Bauman
Outstanding rookie - Prechae
O lineman - Hage
D lineman - Adams
Special Teams - Setta

Outstanding Player - Prechae
Outstanding Canadian - Bauman / none
Outstanding rookie - Prechae
O lineman - Hage / none
D lineman - Adams / none
Special Teams - jo jo

Time to let the statistics do the talking....and get the Setta bashers in line

Is Nick Setta having a brutal year placekicking?
Was Ozzy a great FG kicker?

Nick has been good on 78% of his FG attempts this year.
Ozzy has a career FG% of 72%

How about some other all time great FG kickers
Bernie Ruoff 65%
Dave Cutler 59%
Trevor Kennard 67%
Don Sweet 69%
Lui Passaglia 73%
and the generally recognized most accurate FG kicker of all time Dave "ROBO-KICKER" Ridgeway has a career FG% of..............78%
Just the exact same as Nick's brutal year of placekicking.

I sure hope Nick is not as brutal next year :wink:

Really good info, puts things in perspective nicely. NIck Setta is a major asset to this team, I sure hope he stays.

Canadian- Bauman
Defensive Player-Knowlton (Thompson would do as well)

Marwan Hage should also win the Tom Pate award hands down.

PS. Setta should be cut and asked to give back his salary for the year based on that awful performance. Maybe we could trade him for Serna :roll: There are several other kickers under 80% and Nick has 32 attempts (9 less than Congi who has the next lowest number of attempts). Setta ended last season with 53 attempts. Way more than this year, but I'm sure that has nothing to do with it. :wink:

i actually think Setta has been pretty solid this season.

Setta got off to a rough start going just 9/15 on FG attempts (thats through 7 games)

that rough start could easily be related to unfamiliarity with the holder(Chang had been the holder for all of the 2007 trainingcamp and 2007 season, then chang was the holder for this years training camp, and then Porter was the holder for the regular season) does have an impact....the kicker and holder sometimes need to have good chemistry to be successful...also, dont forget there were a few bad snaps and a few bad holds by Porter.

heading into the Last weeks saskatchewan game...Setta had actually been successful on 14 straight FG (so thats excluding the WPG game with the bad snap/hold that made it impossible for setta to hit) since those first 7 games.

then in the saskatchewan game he went 2/3 (54 yd Fg's are hard to hit when your injured)

add Setta's punting and IMO he's had a GREAT season.

Canadian- Bauman
Defensive Player-Thompson
Rookie-P Rod

Honourable Mention: Cauley, Setta, Tisdale, Porter

We have a Canadian RB who's put up pretty good numbers this year despite some injury problems.

I think his name is Jesse something?

oh yeahhhhhh that guy that has played about 5 full games this year right?

i think i'll take Bauman or even Ray Maruiz over Lumsden for our outstanding Canadian.

This is a rather futile exercise. We, the ultra-biased ticat fans, can barely think up nominees for these categories. Thus it's quite obvious we won't win any of the outstanding player awards.

Rodriguez is a credible nominee for outstanding rookie, though I'm not sure how he'd stack up against Weston Dressler in the minds of voters. Is Romby Bryant considered a rookie?

And if Stefan Logan is technically considered a rookie, I don't see how he could lose.

MOP: Thompson
Rookie: Rodriguez

True but you cant give an award when the guy has only played in 9 games and in those nine games there are at least 4 games where he played hurt or got hurt and missed most of the game (5 carries or less). Jesses "big numbers are based on 3 games.....the rest of the seasons he was injured or ineffective.

Thompson is a legit candidate to win something at least in the east..

Setta is a good kicker who had an off year...if you read the stats as a PK, he is in the bottom half of the league as far as percentage and points scored.

Thompson as best defensive maybe....

Even as an Als fan who is trying to remain objective, nobody is going to come near A.C. for M.O.P

I don't know...Ricky Ray has put up some great numbers this year and Wake makes a pretty good argument also

Nobody is even coming close to Cam Wake for best defensive player.

Yes Setta is in the bottom half of the league in points and percentage, but most of those guys have attempted at least 10 more FG's than Nick has.

Special Teams-Setta