CFL Award Winners

Ticats were shut out.

MOP - Bo
MOC - Sinopoli
COTY - Chris Jones
ROOKIE and ST - Ward
MODP - Bighill
MOL - Bryant

Ward for special team player makes perfect sense but top rookie should go to a player who actually plays the game . He just kicks. No blocks, no tackles, no runs, no catches, he just kicks .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

I think Ward’s record is a great story, and no one should take that away from him (even though it only included a single attempt from 50 yards or more).

Here’s my issues with giving him two awards.

  1. He was not even the best kickoff guy on his team. Leone took 100% the kickoffs. Some guys, like Lirim and Medlock, do all three jobs, but Ward only does one.

  2. Combine that with the fact that OTT tends to go for 2-point converts, so Ward only attempted 19 converts. Add in his 52 field goal attempts, and he set foot on the field for an average of four plays PER GAME. Out of, what, 140 plays in a typical game? I think that was Pat’s point.

  3. Obviously everyone talks about The Streak. Suppose Ward had missed even a single kick in the middle of that run? Perhaps 6 inches to the left or right would have made a difference on one of the kicks. Then we’ve got a couple of 20-plus FG streaks, and none of the big headlines. Would those 6 inches have made the difference between winning one of the MOP awards or not? Because it’s ridiculous if an award hinges on that. If BLM had missed one of his 35 TD throws it would not have cost him the award, nor Sinopoli for dropping one of his 116 catches. (And by the way, Ward did miss 3 of his 19 convert attempts, so it was really just a fluke that none of those misses came on FG attempts.)

That said, even with one more FG miss, Ward still hits 96% of his FGs instead of 98%, which is probably still a single-season record for accuracy. He clearly deserves to be the all-star kicker. MOP awards are more debatable.

I agree, Kicking is an important aspect of the game butTheRookie award should go to a position Player.

For sure. Bush league. Your right he just kicks the ball and the vast majority of those field goals were short ones because the RB couldn’t score.

I was shocked (shocked I say!) when we had three nominees.

I was not shocked (at all!) when a 7th place team won zero awards.

I was predicting a western sweep.