I am looking to buy some CFL autographs for my 2 sons for Christmas. Does anybody know where I can purchase a signed Damon Allen Argos mini helmet. So far the only luck I have had at purchasing CFL autographs is , they seem to be the only place on the internet that carries CFL autographs besides eBay. If anybody has any Damon Allen autographs they would be willing to sell, please message me. Thanks


Theres this place in at the Eaton Center in Downtown MTL that has a bunch of autographed sportsware! (Even the likes of Sidney Crosby and Emitt Smith)

Do you know if they would have a Damon Allen in stock?

I know its too late for this season, but speaking for the Lions, but I bet most of the other teams do this, is take what ever you want signed to the "Open Practice" during training camp. My Grandson goes every year and gets his white tee-shirt signed by the Lions each year.

Im not sure if they Damon Allen, but they have a bunch of NFL, CFL and NHL(I think they have some MLB and NBA but not sure). Anyway, its on the lowest level of the Eaton center, you cant miss it. Its like this sports shop near the food stalls.