CFL Auction

i am a huge CFL fan and it would be nice to see the CFL start up an auction on this site. In the states, all of the major sports eagues have auction sites which are becoming more and more popular and most importantly they donate a portion of proceeds to charity. The only site that doesn't seem to donate any money to charity is the NHL, but after ESPN passed on next years deal they will need the money...

Any thoughts?

no good. u want CFL merchandise you can buy it from a store, that way the money goes to the team.

I am looking for autographed or game used merchandise, not cfl store stuff…

maybe not CFL store then, there are other places where u can find stuff like that..eBay perhaps?

Last post until others have a chance to reply, but I think it would be great if we could bid on vintage auction items, I mean the NFL is cleaning up on hall of framers merchandise. Also, throwback items are a hot collectors commodity these days.

In regards to EBAY, the only CFL stuff that is offered on ebay is mostly garbage, I am taling about signed jeseys, footballs, etc..

Just my two cents!

I agree with CBH13.

Eskimos32001, where will you find, say, a Ricky Ray atographed Eskimos jersey? On eBay? Think again, there’s only crap there concerning the CFL. Then where? Collector stores? They don’t sell CFL memorabilia.

I would like the auction to take place.

I think an CFL auction is a great idea.

Even the NLL (National Lacrosse League) has one on their site, so it shouldnt be a problem for the guys to develop one as well.

Except if they come up with something as slow as this huddle was when they created it.

You imagine waiting for the very last seconds of an auction to make sure no one will have enough time to outbid you... and then wait 4 minutes for your order to be processed? Then you get "Sorry, your bid came in too late". Or, as we've seen "You are not authorized to perform this operation". :smiley: