"CFL Attracting Some Blue-Chip Teammates"

In todays Toronto Star Business section. The league is expected to announce a two yeat deal with Scotiabank, with two more siomilar type deals coming with Canon and Best Buy. The article went on to state how league sponsorship $ has tripled over the last three years to an anticipated windfall of $7.5 M for this year. A “whose who” list of other sponsors is detailed. Everything looks unbeleivably rosey for the best sports league with the cloud still hanging over concerning the Tom Wright fiasco. Reportedly the governors have offered a one year extension. Neither TW nor I would accept. There is also the suggestion how this uncertainty may have an adverse effect on future league $. I hope this is resolved soon and TW gets a 3-4 year extension with a raise.

tom has done some great things for the cfl now all he has to do is get a cap in place.

To get a cap in place and enforce league policies he can’t be looking over his shoulder all the time because 9 Governors can’t get on the same page. Give Tom Wright a proper contract extension and show faith for once in having a Commissioner. T.W. is great for this league and will continue to sell stability to NEW sponsors if he doesn’t have to worry about his own.

This year will be the best year for the CFL…in decades …and OTTAWA BEAT MONTREAL …the stars are starting to come together.

It’s always nice to hear good news about the CFL.

Too much press towards it is negative.

I hope that tide is changing…the press are slow to learn to learn and are used to putting the CFL down…HOWEVER, who can argue with sucess?

Even the TORONTO STAR and the SUN are admitting that last years T.V. numbers were great. :smiley:

This may seem selfish , but I hope that the NHL doesn’t have a deal until AUGUST…If they have a deal at the end of JUNE …all other sports will be moved to PAGE 10 and spoil the HYPE for the beginning of the CFL’S regular season. :roll: