CFL attendance (versus this time last year)

Averages(vs. this time last season)

BC: 30,573(31,698) DOWN
Edmonton: 38,503(40,948) DOWN
Calgary: 30,425(31,301) DOWN
Saskatchewan: 25,288(25,036) UP
Winnipeg: 26,600(24,425) UP
Hamilton: 26,902(28,113) DOWN
Toronto: 28,626(28,779) DOWN
Montreal: 20,202(20,202) No change

League-wide average: 28,390(28,813) down slightly (excluding Ottawa from last year)

As of now, we are down very slightly from last season. But a strong finish will mean the 5th straight increase in average attendance.

Very good to hear, especialy as the league is a team short this year. That has to have had a negative impact on attendances, I'd be guessing if Ottawa was still playing attendances would have been well up on last year.

I'd be guessing if Ottawa was still playing attendances would have been well up on last year.
yep, this year's avg league attencance is well up over last year's near record numbers!

BC’s problem is hardley any home games with two byes mixed in. Hard to get momentum. Hopefully tonights game will be well attended.

This is great news with all the Ottawa gerfuffel that could have really caused attendance to go down with people perceiving that the CFL doesn't know what it's doing (they do, don't they :wink: )
All in all it's been a great year even with my Cats stinking up the joint.

Even if Ottawa was only averaging 15,000 a game, that would still be contributing about 1,667 towards the overall league average ...

Ottawa would be bringing average attendance down.

That's why I didn't count Ottawa for the overall total.

That's exactly what my weekly tracking has shown, the league average attendance is higher this year and largely because last year was the Ottawa low count factor. If not, it is unlikely we would be up this year.
Still with a decent run for the rest of the year we have a chance to go over 29,000.
I hear tonight they are expecting over 40,000 in BC Place.

  1. My averages do not include Ottawa for this year or for last. So without Ottawa, we are down slightly from last year.

  2. 40,000 would be spectacular. That alone could put us ahead of last year's average to this point. Last year, BC's 7th home game attracted 34, it would take a pretty big draw just to keep pace with last year. But 40,000 would be amazing.

Plus the good race down the stretch means bigger crowds. Next week in the return match in Calgary one wouyld think a near sellout of 35,000 will be there.
Plus, BC still will have two more home games.
In the east, I would expect our Argos will have 35,000+ for Monday and with still two more home games after, the last game against the Als if the race for first is at stake, maybe 40,000+.

Steelback Streetfest starts at 2:00 on monday. I sure hope it doesn’t rain.

I think attendance would increase if teams would put together a decent halftime show. I am tired of seeing lame mascots that no one knows who they represent playing soccer. I need a halftime show that I can sink all my teeth into.

The Argos usually have bands play at half-time. At the Labour Day re-match they had the Swollen Members. And don't forget, Wendy's Kick for a Million is coming up! :rockin:

You know I liked those dogs at halftime.
If not, bring back the marching bands.
Yes I see a chance of rain for Tgiving.

Don’t forget. They were also expecting 40,000+ for the season opener in Toronto. They didn’t end up getting 28,000.

True, but that was the much anticipated Ricky factor which has been a bust.
Traditionally, the fickel fans of Toronto show up in greater numbers in the fall and after the Blue Jays are done.

BC's is higher last year, those numbers are wrong. Put them at equal games not dates. BC has had higher attendance in the last few games then they have had since the mid 90's

That is BC's number after 6 games last season vs. after 6 games this season.