CFL Attendance up after 6 games

Despite two of the smallest crowds in Hamilton in the last couple of years and the BC Lions staying the same the attendance after 6 games is 28,777 which is up 6% from last year.

I think the Argos are up this year. If I remember correctly the crowds were around 26,000 + last year, this year they're avegaing around 30,000.
Winnipeg has had an increase as well, maybe the Riders also. Everybody else is about the same or a little less. Still pretty good.

Some of it's probably the Stegall effect - they were packing the joint waiting for him to score the big one. But if people are seeing good football, ...

If the cats can win on a consistent basis. I can see them almost selling out the rest of their home games.

As much as I hate the Argos, I DO like to see Toronto supporting their team and the league...

I have to agree ILoveHamilton. It's good to see every team beginning to become competitive. Competitive football brings more fans and more fans brings more money to the CFL. Toronto has a huge stadium and the more fans they get there the better. With CFL football on the rise, Toronto could start making a lot of money by selling a lot of tickets at that stadium. (Even though I think that Toronto should have put money into BMO Field and played there).