CFL Attendance Reporting Procedures

Probably to have a advertising video board run the length of the field and feature all game long on TV

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And this is exactly why I feel they missed the boat on an XFL collaboration. We need more teams and the CFL will never, ever go beyond 10 teams in Canada (unless the league becomes even more small time - similar attendance to the CPL).

Seeing the same teams over and over (especially with no parity) is boring and small-time to the casual fan (remember: the posters on this forum are not casual fans - so we don't count).


I heard the same thing but it didn't really make sense as they were going to be breathing all over each other during play regardless.

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Well then I agree with you and @JoeyT . It would not be the first or the last time somebody used COVID for an excuse or a cover story. Oh well.

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Toronto , Montreal and BC home games .

Ottawa was the only one with 20 k and it was a sold 20 k not attending .


Riders on a bye
and WPG on the road


Well 2 weeks ago there was a 60% chance if rain, but sonehow the Stamps got 25k to their game. Today, I was working, but my work site is literally a few Jon Ryan punts away. This apparently is 22k, with not a cloud in tbe sky.