CFL Attendance Records?

I wonder what is the lowest amount of attendance record is for a CFL regular season game and I'm sure it might be broken this weekend in Hamilton at 6000 fans, I would think that you would have to go many years back to a regular season game that had such low attendance, maybe the 1920"s or so?

I understand all the unfortunate circumstances of not having the new stadium ready in time to host a CFL game but to play in a local University Stadium that only holds 6000 has got to be a record of some kind. I thought when Montreal played at the old McGill Stadium before it was renovated with attendance around 18,000 that was pretty low but 6000 that's three home games for Hamilton just to equal that attendance?

I guess the Argo fans won't feel too bad now with their attendance around 17,000!!


I think Montreal were getting crowds around the 6k range in the Big Zero (Olympic Stadium) before they folded the first time.

Apparently In 1986 Montreal did have one crowd of just 5200 at the Big Owe - a game against the Lions.

in 1986, the Als attracted 10,587 avg. just prior to folding and only 9,585 PGA the second year back in Montreal during 1997. (even though 22,227 per came out in 1996)

Since 1970, the aforementioned season averages are the lowest recorded in the CFL, followed by the TiCats with 13,613 in 1997 and 13,834 in 1991, the Argos at 15,083 in 2003, and Calgary with 15,394 in 1985.

I would assume that last year's attendance stats would fall in there as well... Although NOT due to apathy...

I would agree 13,000 in Guelph last year avg per home game attendance for the season would have to be a record in the CFL certainly in modern times and tonight at 6000 maybe a new one to be broken? Hey at least Cat fans who attend can say they were part of a record and hopefully a victory, A first win of 2014 would be nice!!

correct, which is the reason for the omission on my part under these special circumstances.

Las Vegas Posse drew under 3,000 for a game once

I thought we deleted that era from our memory...